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Mathilde Collin

CEO and Co-founder at Front

Mathilde Collin, CEO and Co-founder at Front

As a child growing up in Paris, France, Mathilde was struck by how many people seemed to be dispassionate about their jobs. It felt normal for everybody to dread the next Monday, to complain about the long hours, and to resent their boss. It was at an early age that Mathilde committed herself to finding meaningful work—for herself and for the people around her.

It was this notion that led Mathilde to co-found Front with Laurent Perrin in 2013. Today, Mathilde is CEO of Front and has raised more than $138 million in venture capital funding. Front has more than 200 employees and has offices located in San Francisco, California, and Paris, France. Years later, their company mission remains the same: to help people everywhere work happier.

Mathilde is known for her values-driven leadership style and for championing top-down radical transparency. Before founding Front and moving to San Francisco for Y Combinator in 2014, Mathilde received a Master’s degree at HEC School of Management. Today she mentors aspiring entrepreneurs through All Raise’s Female Founders Office Hours and the Pioneer Fund. She has been recognized in Forbes Next Billion Dollar Startups 2019, Inc Magazine’s Female Founders 100 2019, and Forbes 30 Under 30: Enterprise Tech 2017.

“The one practice that helps me stay focused on what matters is taking a block of time every Thursday afternoon to step back—both literally and figuratively. My best ideas for Front have come during this time.”

Mathilde Collin, 
Front Co-Founder and CEO

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