Front in February: File messages for later, nest tags, and more

Sarah Spangenberg

Sarah Spangenberg,

Product Marketing at Front

17 April 20200 min read

We’ve made a few updates to help you better organize your inbox and set up your team in a snap. Here’s to tidier inboxes and warmer weather!

February’s not over yet, but we’re ready for spring and everything that comes with it — including a little spring cleaning 🌸

So we’ve made a few updates to help you better organize your inbox and set up your team in a snap. Here’s to tidier inboxes and warmer weather!

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Updates for everyone

🗃 Use tags like folders to store messages

If you’ve been waiting for private folders, this one’s for you! To file an email away for later, just drag and drop it to a pinned private tag, and the conversation will be removed from your inbox. Filing in a private tag doesn’t affect other participants in the conversation, so you can organize your inbox the way you want.

🏷 Nest tags into groups for easy sorting

No more cluttered tag names like “Accounts - Regions - Northeast”. Now, you can nest tags, like adding a tag for Northeastunder the Regions tag. Front shows you what’s nested when you pin a tag and automatically syncs your nested labels or folders from Gmail or Outlook.

🔕 Decide when you automatically mute or subscribe

Make sure you always get updates on conversations you care about. In Settings > My preferences, choose whether to mute when you unassign, reassign, or move a conversation — these options are now disabled by default. Together with your auto-subscribe preferences, these settings give you greater control over your inbox activity.

📇 Quickly import contacts on your own

Have a client list you’d like to import to Front? Now, you can upload a CSV of contacts directly in Contacts. Decide whether they should be private or shared with your team, then click “Import” in the Add Contacts dropdown. You’re all set!

👥 Delegate your inbox to a teammate

Constantly sharing emails with your teammate or manager? It might make sense to delegate your inbox. Now, you can give another user access to your entire individual inbox — Assigned, Shared, private email, and pinned private tags. They can’t reply as you, but they can archive, snooze, or reply to conversations to give you a hand. For privacy reasons, only you can set up delegations for your own inbox by going to Settings > My inboxes > Delegations.

Just for admins

⚙️ Set up new teammates faster by cloning settings

When you invite someone new to your Front account, you can now clone an existing user’s settings to give the new teammate the same setup. Instead of starting from scratch, use an existing teammate’s settings for a jump start!

Helpful resources

Be sure to bookmark the Front Changelog to get our latest app updates and our roadmap to see what’s coming next!

Written by Sarah Spangenberg

Originally Published: 17 April 2020

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