Fronteer Spotlight: A chat with Sales Manager Blake Kraft

Emily Hackeling, Content Marketing at Front
10 August 20203 Min Read

Our Fronteer Spotlight series highlights some of our awesome team, the work we do, and what inspires us every day. Interested in joining us? Check out the openings on our jobs page.

Tell us about yourself.

Blake: Hi, I’m Blake, and I'm a Sales Manager here at Front. I joined the team in March 2015 as the sixth member of the Front team and first American hire. I’m from Sacramento, CA, attended the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) and moved to the Bay Area five years ago. When I'm not working, you can find me at a poker table, photographing street art and graffiti around the Bay Area, or spending time with friends and family.

What brought you to Front?

B: A recruiter connected me! I was actively looking for a new challenge and wanted to join an early stage SaaS startup to be the first or second Sales hire. My recruiter struggled to describe and pitch Front, which actually intrigued me. His curious pitch combined with his excitement and enthusiasm for our CEO Mathilde Collin and Front won me over. After meeting with Mathilde, getting a quick peek at the product, and hearing her vision for the company, I was hooked!

"After meeting with Mathilde, getting a quick peek at the product, and hearing her vision for the company, I was hooked!"

- Blake Kraft, Sales Manager, Front

How did you get into your role as a sales manager?

B: It's been a fairly natural progression. I was an individual contributor at Front and carried a quota for 10 quarters. Ready for a new challenge, I hung up my boots in the middle of 2017, and now spend my time fostering and coaching the next generation of Front's Account Executives. It's a huge responsibility, and not one I take lightly.

What motivates you?

B: I've always been the type of person to swing for the fences. Given that, our opportunity and the company vision is what really excites me. Front's TAM (total addressable market) is massive, and if we execute on our vision of re-inventing the way people work, we can be much more than another Silicon Valley success story… we could change the world and help people work happier.

What’s your favorite Front feature and how do you use it?

B: Shared drafts and shared inboxes. My entire team has granted me access to their individual inboxes which allows me to stay in the loop on every conversation they're having with their customers, opportunities, and leads. Through comments and shared drafts, my team can leverage me to ensure they're saying the right things, answering questions accurately, and pushing deals forward. We're incredibly efficient because we use Front at Front, and there's rarely an issue I'm not aware of.

Name a challenge you’re looking to tackle in the next year.

B: I'm working on becoming the best manager I can be. Transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager is a learning experience which comes with many new challenges. Finding ways to tailor my experience, skills, and advice to different team members who learn differently and are all at different stages of their careers is no small feat. For now, this is my #1 priority :)

Written by Emily Hackeling
Originally Published: 30 August 2018

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