How liveweb used Front’s API to bring video support into your inbox

Emily Hackeling

Emily Hackeling,

Content Marketing at Front

24 June 20210 min read

The liveweb team built on top of Front using the API to bring live video calling and screen sharing directly into your inbox. They shared their experience of building the app with us.

Giving the best possible customer experience often involves more than just typing answers back and forth in a chat box or email. Sometimes, you need to see each other face-to-face and even guide the customer to the right solution through screen sharing.

With liveweb you can do just that: provide first-class concierge marketing conversations and customer support with voice, video, screen sharing, messaging, chat and more. Their team decided to build on top of Front to bring their app directly into your inbox. So whether your customers are dealing with a product malfunction, technical issues, or simply need an expert, it’s easy to give your customers easy access to hassle-free support—and sales reps can hop on a call with a prospect faster than ever. We spoke with CEO Trent Johnson from liveweb to hear about his team’s experience building on Front, their recommendation for others considering doing the same, and their best practices.

Q: Why build on Front?

A: We recognized we could add value for Front users by integrating live voice and video calls into Front. Phone calls and email are still highly preferred communication channels for customers. Add to this the explosion in video calling fueled by the pandemic and younger demographics; it was clear to us that progressive customers needed instant live voice and video to connect with customers.

How does your custom implementation with Front impact end users?

liveweb provides instant, one-click, live connections with leads and customers directly from the Front user’s website. This combination of instant live voice, video calls, chat and screen share with emails, apps, and teammates in a single view in their Front console provides end users with a uniquely powerful, integrated customer communications platform to, as Front might say, “Scale customer experience with a human touch.”

How was the technical process of developing with Front’s API for your team?

It went surprisingly smoothly, considering the complexity of the integration. We found Front’s documentation and code samples immensely useful.

How was your experience interacting with the Front team while developing using Front’s API?

We were among the first to use some of Front’s new APIs so we were concerned originally. We were happy to discover we were getting knowledgeable, valuable answers from the Front API team typically within 24 hours. This helped the project flow quite efficiently.

We found the Front API team helpful and accommodating.

One of our senior product managers commented: “The Front team went so far as to make a few tweaks upon request to make our lives easier.”

What are your recommendations for others considering building on top of Front?

Check if the functionalities you need are exposed through the Front APIs. The existing Front API is quite extensive so chances are it has everything they need. If not, check with the Front team.

We found the Front API to be very fast and stable. Compared with other integrations we have done Front was, and continues to be, a great experience!

Our recommendation if you’re considering it: go ahead, get building!

Written by Emily Hackeling

Originally Published: 24 June 2021

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