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Find your focus: Manage all incoming customer communications quickly and efficiently

You can’t deliver a truly personalized customer experience unless every message finds its way to the right teammate at the right time. Yet distributing the workload evenly to ensure customers get the quickest reply from those best positioned to answer them can be challenging. One agent may be overwhelmed while another has bandwidth. One may still be onboarding while another is a seasoned expert.

How do you make sure new messages go to the ideal team member?

Front’s approach to "load balancing" inbound communications takes advantage of specific types of auto-assignment rules available on Prime and Enterprise plans. This enables teams to scale how communication is routed — no longer do you need to dedicate resources to assigning work.

Making load balancing rules smarter and more personalized

In our most significant update since introducing load balancing capabilities, we’ve made things a lot smarter and a lot faster than ever.

Lightning-fast refresh rate

Today, the difference between a good and a great customer experience can come down to mere seconds. For instance, if I begin an online chat with a vendor, my expectation is to get a reply within a minute or less. If it’s longer, I’m likely searching elsewhere.

To meet these expectations, we’ve dramatically increased the assign speed for every channel, and it’s especially beneficial for live chat. This is essential because as new chats and emails come in, they are assigned in intervals based on the refresh rate. A faster rate means messages are ultimately distributed and addressed faster. Front knows every second counts, and we’ve just made things lightning-fast!

Perfect your assignment process with improved Front rules

Not all teams can rely on simple round-robin routing methods to handle certain inbound communications. Multiple rules and triggers are needed to ensure messages automatically go to the right person at the right time, which is why we’ve made it easy to order rules according to priority. With this hierarchy in place, “Rule B” automatically starts as soon as “Rule A” completes.

One example of a scenario where this could help you out right away is by assigning chat messages (where a fast response is doubly important) ahead of email.

Set assignment limits for each teammate

It can be paralyzing to be overwhelmed with work only to watch more and more tasks roll in. That won’t happen in Front. Admins can set assignment limits for auto-assignment rules. If all teammates are at their limit — whether on one team or multiple — assignment rules will intelligently pause. Once any teammate in the group is below their limit again, the assignment rule will resume.

Example: Joe is a member of “Team A” with a limit of 10 and “Team B” with a limit of 8. During a busy time for both teams, he could have up to 18 conversations assigned at any time.

Find your focus

Front’s latest update to load balancing can help you scale a personalized human-touch customer experience. Work smarter, faster, and have a greater impact.

If you want to learn more about how to use these features, go to our help page. If you’re not currently using Front and have questions, please let us know. We’re here to help.

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