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Front for Enterprise

Large companies make a large impact. Front is here to help you maximize it. With Front you can keep personal connections with customers — even when there are hundreds or thousands of them. Front allows enterprise businesses to scale great customer experiences.

Who says you can’t have it all?

Front is the customer communication hub built to scale. As your company grows in size, there’s no need to sacrifice personal, high tough communication with your dearest clients in the name of automation. Front is designed to integrate all communication channels into one view and empower your team to manage all messages. Regardless of your workload, you can get to inbox zero daily and can trust us to take care of the rest.

Security that scales

Over 6,000 companies trust Front to amplify their impact. We’re honored to have that trust, and are consistently holding ourselves accountable to ensure best practices for a reliable, secure, and scalable product and system. With anywhere from 3-1000 users per company, everyday we’re supporting a higher volume of emails. As we grow, so does our security and reliability. Here are some ways we are building an Enterprise grade security and privacy ecosystem:

  • We’ve recently passed the SOC-2 type 1 audit, and are well on our way to receiving type 2.

  • We adhere to GDPR & CCPA.

  • We provide a variety of authentication options, such as SAML-based Single Sign On (SSO), MFA, and OAuth for easy login and security. Admins can set these security systems up – along with many more – at any time.

  • You can delete data at any time, and you can count on IP restrictions.

  • We’re continuing to build upon an excellent foundation of access controls for admins, which allow you to set custom user permission roles and control who on your team can view, edit, and manage your company’s most important messages.

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Feel free to do a deep dive on our Enterprise security & systems.

Make Front work for you

Our product is built to scale as you grow. We’ve adapted Front to be reliable, customizable, and more sophisticated for the demands of larger companies. Front for Enterprise gives you: Advanced customization

  • The ability to connect unlimited communication channels – such as social media, live chat or Whatsapp – to your inbox

  • All the integrations your team could want and the tools to build your own – because we know how important it is to use the tools and apps that work for your business

  • Enterprise-grade automation rules, like SLAs and web-hooks to your backend database

  • 200+ API requests per minute

Comprehensive insight and controls

  • Customized analytics to get full visibility into team, personal, and company performance

  • Custom roles & permissions so you can control your team’s access on a granular level

  • Multiple Teams to create silos within your organization

  • Shift scheduling and business hour reporting

  • User provisioning through SCIM, which is critical when you have to onboard large numbers of users on a regular basis

VIP status

As an Enterprise customer, you have a dedicated team at Front to make sure the platform is working for you. This means your Customer Success Manager’s top priority is providing you with tailored support, including:

  • In-app chat support

  • Tailored onboarding and help with set up

Need help with change management? We’re here for you. Want to create a specific workflow for your Sales team? We’ll make it happen. We’re very grateful for your trust, and will do what it takes to build and sustain a valuable partnership with you.

Great minds think alike

When it comes to Front for Enterprise, you’re in good company. Join thousands of other Enterprise customers who have used Front to help scale and improve their customer communication and are making a greater impact as a result.

"Any team that works collaboratively would benefit from using Front."

- Samar Mirza, Business Operations Coordinator, Shopify

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