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Support team setup checklist

Add your team

Giving your team access to your Front account is the first step. You’ll then be able to set them up with the proper permissions and access for efficient customer support request management.

  • Invite your teammates

  • Promote any teammates to admins if they will help manage your Front account

Create inboxes

Inboxes keep you and your team stay organized and help get more work done. Inboxes can contain multiple communication channels.

  • Add your individual work email to Front

  • Add a team inbox for inbound support requests

    • Add a channel for your inbound support email

    • Add a channel for your company’s social pages (e.g. Facebook)

    • Add a channel for your company’s website chat (e.g. Intercom, Smooch, Front Chat, Form, etc.)

  • Give your teammates access to the inboxes and folders they’ll be working in

Determine tags and message templates

Tags allow you and your team to categorize messages to receive valuable analytics and create customized workflows. Message templates save you time so you can spend less time typing and more time delighting customers.

  • Create tags

    • Your existing email client’s folders

    • Urgent

    • SLA Breach and SLA Warning

    • VIP

    • Feature requests

    • Bug

  • Pin your most frequently used tags to your sidebar

  • Build message templates for your most frequently asked questions

    • Password reset

    • Possible bug

Build rules

Rules let you automate communication and assignment processes so you can your team don’t get bogged down with time consuming administrative tasks.

  • Unreplied support messages

    • When: Inbound message

    • If: Inbox is Support - Tier 1 and Unreplied after XX hours

    • Then: Move to Inbox Support - Urgent


  • Escalating issues

    • When: Conversation tagged

    • If: Added tag is Escalation

    • Then: Notify teammates the names of your escalation colleagues

  • Fast replies for frequently asked questions

    • When: Conversation tagged

    • If: Added tag is Tag name for FAQ (e.g. Password reset)

    • Then: Reply with Password reset message template

Connect integrations

The last step is connecting front to the other apps you and your Support team rely on.

  • Integrate with any of the 50+ apps available (e.g. Intercom, Nicereply, Meetingbird, etc.)

Ready for more?

Your Support team might also enjoy the following Front features.

  • Assigning messages from your individual inbox to teammates

  • Sharing Drafts with colleagues for collaborative editing and feedback

  • The ability to have internal Comments for troubleshooting and coaching

  • Snooze conversations when you’re waiting on input from someone else

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