EverCheck uses Front to scale an exceptional customer experience

Evercheck grew exponentially while keeping personalized one-to-one customer care by using Front to manage their email.

EverCheck is a platform-as-a-service software company that delivers “Clear to Work” licensing and continuing education management solutions to healthcare. By leveraging the power of EverCheck’s automation engine, healthcare professionals are able to spend less time on admin work and more time doing what only they can.

The Client Success team at EverCheck uses Front’s shared inbox to deliver an exceptional, uniform service experience to its customers.


EverCheck has always delivered on the promise that every client has one main point of contact for account-related questions. But with its exponential year-over-year growth, it needed a scalable solution to maintain the same level of service while adapting to a new influx of business.


EverCheck implemented Front mid-2017. Since then, the Client Success team is able to collaborate on client needs more effectively, deliver on its response commitments, and continue to provide an exceptional level of service to all system users despite its rapid growth.

It only made sense for a company that solves problems using automation to partner with organizations that could do the same for us. Front is an excellent example of that.

Angie Gil, Chief Operating Officer

Strategic integrations, better interoperability

EverCheck uses Front as the powerhouse of its service operations. By integrating its other tools like Intercom, Slack, Asana, and HubSpot, the Client Success team is able to see integrated client data and tasks in one consolidated view.

For instance, EverCheck leverages Intercom’s messenger feature to provide live chat support to system users. Rather than having to toggle between Front and Intercom for user-related support questions, EverCheck created a bi-directional data integration so that all chats appear in the Success team’s shared Inbox just like any other email.

The Success Team Manager uses a round-robin technique to assign chats to team members, and the responses are managed within Front without any need to log into Intercom. Zero toggle or duplicate data entry required.

Automated workflows

Front provides a superior level of automation throughout its platform, and this enables the EverCheck team to use it as a workflow management tool. “I set rules so that any email that sits for longer than an hour gets tagged as ‘Respond soon.’ Any emails that have been sitting for three hours or longer are tagged ‘Respond now,’” said Christian Harrington, Client Success Manager. “I’m able to prioritize emails that need my attention immediately without compromising our service commitments.”

The team also has access to dozens of custom message templates that make responses snappy without losing personality. “The team utilizes templated responses and adds customizations so the email feels personal but doesn’t require a new from-scratch draft every time,” said Jordan Higginbotham, Client Services Manager.

Accountability through analytics

Front gives the EverCheck team insights that drive decision-making across the organization. As part of its service agreement to its clients, EverCheck commits to providing fast and consistent support response times. It uses Front’s analytics as evidence of the team’s adherence to this commitment.

Additionally, EverCheck uses Front analytics to determine team members’ client thresholds. “Rather than setting a Success Manager’s threshold at, say, 50 clients, we’re able to analyze the amount of work that’s required for each client and make threshold determinations based on client need rather than sheer volume,” said Melissa Collins, Business Operations Manager.

Success Managers use their individual analytics to hold themselves accountable, too. “I’m able to see, on average, how long it’s taking me to respond to clients and adjust as necessary. Plus, Front tells me what days and times are my busiest, so I know when I need to be at my desk and ready to respond,” Christian said.

Collaboration and teamwork

With Front, EverCheck is able to deliver personalized service to each of its clients in a scalable, team environment.

The shared inbox allows for visibility across accounts and support matters. “I have faith that even if I’m out of the office, my clients will be taken care of,” Christian said. “My clients won’t have to wait until I’m back in the office to receive a response, and my teammates can view a history of our conversations so they’re better equipped to handle the request.”

Front has transformed our team dynamic.

Christian Harrington, Client Success Manager

The team also uses Front in a unique way — to manage quality control tickets. When a support request or issue comes through the inbox, the QC team is able to use the conversations feature in Front to acknowledge receipt of the message, loop other teammates into the resolution, and provide updates.

As EverCheck continues along its growth trajectory, it has confidence that its partnership with Front has prepared its team for continued success in delivering exceptional client service.

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