OpenWork cuts response times by 80% to serve customers better with Front & Aircall

OpenWork solved email overwhelm and improved customer satisfaction using Front to improve their processes.

OpenWork, based in France, was built to make the lives of freelancers better. Through its system, consultants can work independently without the headaches of dealing with contracts, invoicing, payslips, paychecks, and taxes. OpenWork, through its system called Portage Salarial in France, handles all of the financial, social, and administrative details of freelancing, ensuring that consultants have a reliable income and are prepared for the future.


Three years ago, the OpenWork customer service team was struggling. They were using Google Groups to handle customer service requests, and they were overwhelmed with messages. The 20 people on the customer service team were receiving a total of over 400 emails a day. Teammates were getting frustrated and overwhelmed. And without a way to organize and assign responsibility, response times lagged, and some messages were falling through the cracks, leading to unhappy customers. When the company began experiencing exponential growth, they knew they needed a different system.


OpenWork identified Front as the ideal solution. The team was onboarded quickly and found Front’s system intuitive and easy to use. They implemented Front in just two weeks.

Process improvement increases efficiency and response time

The company immediately saw an average time savings of four hours a day for each team member. And they improved their response time from an average of five days to one day. Fabien Salicis, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing, says, “We saw such significant improvement in our efficiency that we began viewing Front as a competitive advantage. And we started looking for other ways we could use it.”

We saw such significant improvement in our efficiency that we began viewing Front as a competitive advantage. And we started looking for other ways we could use it.

Fabien Salicis, Co-founder and Director of Marketing

Aircall integration brings efficiency to customer calls

Email isn’t the only way customers contact OpenWork. The team receives a large volume of phone calls as well. After seeing how Front improved their email efficiency, they decided to integrate their phone system, Aircall, with Front.

Using the HubSpot API and Twilio, when a customer calls and leaves a message on the company’s voicemail, they receive a personalized SMS within seconds. This implementation allows OpenWork to respond quickly and keep customers happy without employing a huge customer service team.

Front helps build relationships

The efficiency and time savings OpenWorks is experiencing using Front allows them to focus on building stronger relationships with their customers. Salicis says, “One of the reasons consultants use OpenWorks is that it makes their lives easier. The relationship is very important to us. Standardizing things through Front allows us to have the time to focus on the relationships.”

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