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Privateaser scales their events business with Front

Privateaser uses Front to easily track and collaborate on emails and to open and conclude bookings in one clear communication thread.

Privateaser is a marketplace for finding and booking event venues. The small team orchestrates the logistics between the bookers, and the bars and restaurants they want to rent for large events. Founded in 2014, the company currently operates in France and Spain, with expansion plans into the UK in 2019. More than 1.5 million people have attended events organized through Privateaser.


For their first two years in business, Privateaser used Gmail to communicate with their customers. However, Kevin Meert, Head of Sales and Corporate Relations at Privateaser, explained "it was difficult for team members to work together on the same topics in Gmail, and a major challenge since our team works in shifts."

With each shift change, they would often lose track of the booking statuses, forcing them to search for answers, or start the conversation with their customers again.

They considered using Zendesk to manage customer requests, but answering customers and prospects with tickets felt impersonal. They needed a human-centered solution that would let them see the progress of every deal, no matter who was working, or when.


In November 2016, 20 Privateaser employees started using Front. Now around 50 use Front. The team has 10 shared inboxes and their individual email in Front. Shared access to emails allows members to easily track and collaborate on the same topic, and to open and conclude bookings in one clear communication thread.

"Front has changed the way we work together, helping us save hours and increasing every team member’s productivity," Kevin says.

Front has changed the way we work together, helping us save hours and increasing every team member’s productivity.

Kevin Meert, Head of Sales and Corporate Relations

Productivity gives them a competitive edge

"In event management, reaction time is key. If someone needs to organize an event in a few days, every hour counts." Front’s shared inbox helps to increase Privateaser’s level of productivity since everyone can access all the emails.

"When you have six people answering emails, it gives you a competitive advantage. Even when someone is ill or on vacation, we can keep working normally."

Better organization with fewer internal emails

While Front helps to keep their emails organized, it also reduces emails as well. Before, when a team member had a question about a customer issue, they’d have to write another email to their colleague to get the answer. Now, they can ask those questions using Front’s internal comments to share the issue directly with the colleague and limit the back-and-forth of emails.

"I love that not everyone needs to see every email, like when you assign tasks or topics to someone specifically," said Kevin about Front’s assignments feature that moves assigned email into the assignee’s inbox.

Increased individual efficiency and better decision-making

The team works faster since they each manage their individual work email in Front, too. They never have to waste time switching between multiple tools. Front gives them functionality for their individual email that they couldn’t get in Gmail: they snooze emails to remember to answer later, access robust email analytics, and leave internal comments to share messages with teammates.

Partner Relationship Manager Remi Fontaine said, "Comments allow us to make shared decisions on how to answer messages, and as a consequence, we make better decisions."

Access to Salesforce in their inbox was key

Privateaser takes advantage of Front’s integrations with third-party applications – Trello for task management and Salesforce for customer relationship management. Kevin explained that "Salesforce was the deal-maker for us to go with Front. The fact that you can record every sales contact and activity directly in Salesforce without leaving Front is awesome." Their team is able to work more efficiently than ever and not have to switch between their main work apps.

Overall, Kevin has seen Front drive productivity across the team at large and for individuals. "Front makes it possible to scale your teams, and your company. If you configure it right to solve your business’ challenges, Front can change your business." As Privateaser looks to expand into new markets, Front will be there supporting them every step of the way.

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