Sendify is making global shipping remarkably simple with Front

Sendify uses Front to manage email communications between couriers and customers, making shipping logistics hassle-free.

Sendify is a digital freight service that simplifies shipping logistics for businesses. They bring the entire process into one place with an online tool for comparing quotes from carriers, booking services, tracking shipments, and handling invoices. By partnering with couriers around the world, Sendify can offer customers up to 65 percent off traditional rates.

We spoke with CEO Fredrik Edeland to learn how Sendify uses Front to handle communications between couriers and customers, taking the hassle out of shipping logistics.

How did your team work together before using a shared inbox with Front?

E: Sendify is headquartered in Sweden, but we’re available worldwide. Every shipment we make requires multiple messages, with multiple parties: external emails with couriers, internal messages among our team, and support tickets with customers.

As every shipment moved through the process from booking, to tracking, invoicing, and follow up, we needed a way to keep all the conversations about a particular shipping together in one place. With high daily email volume, different time zones, multiple languages, and unique country shipping policies, our inboxes were a mess.

Tell us how you collaborate now.

E: Sendify depends on efficient, organized communication to bring shipments through many stages: quoting, booking, tracking, and invoicing. Our entire company uses Front — every team. We love how it gamifies email, so we feel like we’re working together to clear out our inboxes.

Our entire company uses Front — every team. We love how it gamifies email, so we feel like we’re working together to clear out our inboxes.

Fredrik Edeland, CEO

We keep customer conversations in one thread with @mentions, so when a shipment moves to the next stage, everyone knows exactly what’s happened. The freight management world naturally brings unwieldy email threads, so Front’s tagging feature has given us structure and control over our messages. We’re all saving hours each week since we can easily find confirmation numbers, dates, and invoices when we need them.

What will you accomplish together next?

E: We’re a young startup in a fast-paced industry, and we’re expanding our customer base significantly in the next year. Front’s giving our team the level of productivity we need to continue scaling internationally.

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