The value of collaborative email for marketing and advertising agencies

There’s no doubt: creativity and connection can flourish when teams are physically distant.

The creative agencies providing marketing, advertising, and PR services who worked tirelessly through the pandemic can prove it.

And getting genius creative work done together remotely requires smoother processes and faster collaboration than if you’re sitting in one room with your team. Communication should fuel your team—not stand in the way of it—so they can focus on what they do best: unleashing new ideas.

Email powers the main way teams work with one another and with clients. But it’s not built for collaborating. And that’s slowing down your agency. What's next? Collaborative email.

In this study, IDC analyst Wayne Kurtzman explains that businesses using traditional email are needlessly suffering through inefficient technology and antiquated workarounds that are slowing down their business. Fortunately, collaborative email creates new workflows that make individuals and teams more efficient and productive.

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