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Why teams use Front to manage Gmail shared inboxes instead

Front is the best way for teams to manage shared inboxes. Connect your Gmail addresses to Front in a few clicks, and you'll be able to manage them easily from Front. Front gives you all the capabilities you need to operate faster and with greater visibility. Here's what you can do with Front's shared inbox.

Reduce email bloat

Front eliminates the email flood overtaking your team members' inboxes. A single, flexible inbox that's easy to manage makes you organized and efficient.

Collaborate more easily

Your team can have internal conversations using email notes about any given message directly in the inbox interface. Tag specific team members to get their input.

Gain power over your email

If you don't need to look at an email at the moment, snooze it for later. Or set a reminder to follow up on a message, so it’ll come back to your inbox at a later time. 

Assign ownership

Easily assign responsibility for a message to a team member and track activity. When one person replies and archives an email, it reflects that way for everyone. So the entire team knows where things stand.

Automate workflows

Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks with fully customizable workflow automation. When sending out email sequences, you can "set it and forget it" until someone replies. 

Gain email insights

Insights will help make your team more efficient. Find out your busiest time of day, what topics you're messaging about the most, and more. The insights you gain with Front will allow you to reallocate resources effectively. 

Access other apps in your inbox

Skyrocket your efficiency by connecting to 50+ apps like Salesforce, Asana, GitHub, and more to pull messages and data into your shared inbox. You can also build your own app on top of Front with the open API to display a custom database, or any other tool you use, directly in your inbox.

Measure performance

Front's reporting tools let you measure team and individual performance, and track metrics like response time, replies to resolve, and more.

Front's shared inbox = greater profitability

Companies of all shapes and sizes are using Front to optimize their operations. One of the most rewarding things for us to see is how Front customers are growing more effective because they're using Front.

By connecting your Gmail addresses to Front, you can improve customer service, allowing you to retain more customers. You can make your teammates more efficient. You can see where you need to reallocate resources to make better use of them. And you can eliminate frustration for your team, making them happier at work. 

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