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Front is the best email client for companies looking to deliver an exceptional experience to every customer. Front lets you bring individual email, company accounts like info@ or team@, and all your communication into one collaborative hub. Managing company email has never been simpler.

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Front is a no-brainer for teams that have a high volume of email, share an inbox, or collaborate with each other to help service their customer. I love the platform. I wish I had it years ago.

Marissa Taylor, Manager of Business Process Improvement @ EFW

Make email management your company’s superpower

Email accounts (and all your communication) in one place

Connect multiple email accounts plus other channels like SMS, live chat, and more into one hub. You can also manage your calendar and connect 60+ app integrations to centralize all your work in one place.

Gain critical insight to move your business forward

Front gives your team email analytics and alerts to help you meet SLAs, measure performance, project business growth, and grow revenue.

Collaboration like no other

With Front you can collaborate like no other email client allows. Access team inboxes with assignments that keep everyone aligned. Comment internally on email threads, instead of CC’ing and forwarding—you can even edit email drafts together in real time.

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“Major time savings and better organization.“

4.5 on

“A must-have for your organization.“

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“The future of email.“

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