Front for logistics teams

Logistics teams spend years to shave seconds off delivery times. You optimize every step of the journey for maximum efficiency. But how much strategic thought do you give to your email systems and workflows? Bring all customer communication channels into one platform with Front to maximize efficiency for your business.

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Front is our single most-used app and it has transformed the way we communicate as a team and with clients.

Galen King, Founder @ Lucid

Optimize your client communications with Front for logistics teams

Maximum efficiency across every channel

SMS, email, live chat, and more — Front helps you respond to and resolve client issues as fast as possible in every channel. Front integrates with your internal systems to create an optimized workflow for logistics messaging.

Maximum accountability on every client conversation

Front automatically triages and assigns inbound messages based on criteria you customize. Set up shifts, rules, and segmented shared inboxes so you never miss a message or drop the ball.

Measure and improve team performance with analytics

You can’t optimize your response time, reaction time, or time to resolution until you track them on a team and granular level. Front’s analytics help benchmark all your communications metrics in an easy, powerful dashboard.

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