We’re on a mission to make work happier by enabling better relationships at scale

I founded Front to break a law of nature.

Mathilde Collin, CEO of Front
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Relationships are everything for businesses.

But they’re hard to maintain when a business grows. That’s because the traits at the heart of great customer relationships — trust, compassion, and empathy — are the human qualities that have been most difficult for technology to scale.

That’s why we’ve built the first-ever customer communication hub. We’ve reimagined the way businesses communicate, bringing customer conversations to the center of your focus. Today, nearly 8,000 businesses have discovered that they can still grow their business and keep the human touch.

Our vision: Make work happier

The world is on course to work happier. We believe our role is to accelerate and shape this path in three ways: the product we make, the culture we live, and the example we set. Join us.

Front at a glance

4 offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, and Dublin

385 employees around the world

100% employees recommend Front as a great place to work

$204M in venture funding from respected firms and investors

8,000 businesses that work happier with Front

Leaders and founders

Mathilde Collin

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Jenny Decker

Chief Finance Officer

Ashley Alexander

Chief People Officer

Mohammed Attar

Chief Product Officer

Laurent Perrin

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

In the press

Proudly backed by respected venture capital firms

And individual investors including

Jennifer Tejada

Chief Executive Officer


Jay Simons

General Partner


Eric Yuan

Chief Executive Officer


Frederic Kerrest

Executive Vice Chairman, COO & Co-Founder


Ryan Smith

Co-founder & Executive Chairman


Jared Smith



Mike Cannon-Brookes

Co-founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer


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