Here’s how Inbound Sales delivers quotes quickly and accurately.

Inbound sales teams use Front to evenly distribute work, establish clear ownership, and take care of purchase requests with speed.


Route your leads faster

Create custom workflows that automatically route messages to the right teammate based on capacity, product line, and more.


Generate quicker quotes

Establish automated approval processes to ensure faster internal buy-in on a quote. Then, beat the competition.


Never miss an opportunity

When each quote is automatically assigned to individual teammates, no revenue slips through the cracks and no messages are duplicated.

8,000+ high-impact teams rely on Front

Inbound sales teams using Front win more business

Oasis saves 700+ hours every month responding to guest reservation requests with Front’s automation and collaboration features.

Sales reps at Spaenaur save 4 hours a day while actively fielding 300+ sales quotes daily.

We are doing 400-600 automatic quotes per business day, and 100-200 on per non-business day currently. This leads to more won business, and we’re closing more deals.

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Close every deal with Front

  • Email, chat, SMS, and more — respond to all your messages in one place. No more juggling tabs and apps.

  • Get every message to the right owner based on region, type of service, and more.

  • Assign messages to an individual owner so that everything is handled without internal back and forth.

  • In-line collaboration functionality allows you to easily loop in your boss for fast approvals.

  • Measure key performance indicators like busiest day of the week — and staff accordingly.

Front fits your team perfectly

Bring the apps, data, and messages that drive business growth into your inbox and create the workflows your team requires.

Integrate your favorite apps into Front—or build your own.

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