Live chat

In-the-moment support, powered by AI

Connect with customers on your website, in your app, or wherever they reach out. Front Chat’s automation and AI fast tracks resolutions for happier customers.

Be there for your customers
Be there for your customers

Set up a branded live chat widget for your website or app for seamless support when customers need it.

Handle the volume with ease
Handle the volume with ease

Customizable bots automatically gather the context needed to fast-track routing and replies.

Answer instantly with AI
Answer instantly with AI

Scale up support with AI resolving customer inquiries automatically, giving time back to your team.

Resolve in record time with AI Answers

Personalize replies, even with AI

Resolve more inquiries with AI that can clarify questions for the best experience possible.

Set up in a snap for accurate responses

AI Answers is just a few clicks away—simply connect your Knowledge Base for AI to source from.

Increase resolutions with insights

Use analytics to track resolution rate and audit unresolved questions to know where to improve.

Pay-as-you-go for AI Answers

You only pay per resolution: if AI can’t solve it, you won’t be charged.

Fuel efficient conversations with automation

Tailor chat for every visitor

Personalize bots based on account, contact, web, or conversation data for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Minimize the back and forth

Collect contact details and key context upfront, so your team has everything they need to respond.

Triage conversations with ease

Set up automation to tag and route chats so your team can quickly handle new messages.

Seamlessly hand off from bot to agent

Automatically escalate unresolved conversations to your team for faster follow ups over chat or email.

Get started with Front Chat in minutes

  1. Meet customers where they are

    Add Front Chat to your website, mobile app, or in product to support your customers anywhere.

  2. Customize the look and feel

    Style your chat widget to match your brand and maintain a consistent customer experience.

  3. Integrate your knowledge base

    Help customers help themselves with easy access to your knowledge base, right from the chat.

We’re seeing resolution rates up to 51% with AI Answers, which is amazing! However, it’s really all about CX for us. We’re just happy customers are getting faster and more consistent resolutions in chat.

Erik Finch, Director of OperationsBoundless Immigration logo

Empower your team for exceptional service

Tackle your queue as a team

Automatic load balancing divvies up messages to available team members on shift to ensure quick responses.

Less context switching, more focus

Respond faster when all your channels like chat, email, and SMS are in one view.

Manage your processes in one place

Streamline and maintain workflows for routing, SLAs, CSAT, and more with rules that work across all your channels.

Seamlessly switch from chat to email

Easily transition from live chat to email for conversations that need more complex follow up.

Replacing phone support with live chat decreased our support costs by 14%, saving an estimated $100k per year. We were more efficient after consolidating all our channels into one place, plus Front Chat was so quick and easy to set up!

Elizabeth Sanchez, Senior Customer Support ManagerSpruce logo

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does live chat cost?

    Front Chat, our native live chat solution, is included in all Front plans with different levels of automation and customization between plans. Learn more on our pricing page.

  2. How much does AI Answers cost?

    AI Answers is an add-on package for Front Chat that is priced at $0.70 per resolution. A resolution is defined as a chat visitor selecting “Yes” to the AI confirmation question “Did that resolve your question?”, or if the visitor abandons the chat after an AI response is provided. You do not pay any charges for conversations that AI is not able to resolve. Learn more on our pricing page.

  3. How is my data processed by AI? Is my data protected?

    Each AI model is specific to your company alone. While we may use your conversation data to train your custom model, your data will never be combined with other companies’ data. Furthermore, we have extensive data processing agreements in place with our AI providers to ensure that they’re not training their foundational models on any data that we send to them.

  4. What help center or knowledge providers are supported?

    AI Answers can generate responses based on your Front knowledge base. Sourcing support content through a 3rd party URL is available, but still in beta testing so results may vary. Currently, AI Answers can source responses from one knowledge source per chatbot.