AI chatbots and agent assistance

Work smarter. Respond faster. AI-mazing service.

Do more for customers in record time. Answer inquiries instantly and boost team efficiency with AI.

Wow your customers
Wow your customers

Uplevel your customer experience, from AI bots to interactions with your team.

Resolve issues in an instant
Resolve issues in an instant

Let our AI bot deflect simple inquiries while your team focuses on more complex ones.

Boost team efficiency
Boost team efficiency

Respond faster—with unparalleled quality—with real-time AI editing assistance.

It’s tools like Front’s AI that help us remove manual work and have more time to delight clients. When you free up this much time, you can do things you never could before.

Joe Daggar, VP of Technology and EnablementPuzzleHR logo

Meet your AI partner for exceptional service

When you’ve got customers who expect top-notch service, AI helps your team go above and beyond. It’s like the sidekick you didn’t know you needed.

Instant answers, 24/7

AI Answers sources from your Front Knowledge Base or other help center to serve up resolutions on demand.

Context faster than you can say AI

Skip hours spent reading endless back-and-forth threads with customers. Just let AI catch you up.

Send five-star replies in seconds

Let AI draft a message based on conversation context or refine yours for a perfectly polished response.

Summarize with AI has saved a tremendous amount of time for us. It gives me a great, quick overview of the situation so I can get more done in my day.

Matt Patrick, Director of Customer SuccessInstructure logo

AI assistance to empower your team

Our latest features, now available in beta

  1. Resolve repetitive inquiries in seconds

    Auto-draft replies to customer emails with AI, based on your knowledge base content.

  2. Gain insight from similar conversations

    Stop digging through your inbox for answers. View related conversations to quickly get historical context and jumpstart the solution.

  3. Tagging made easy with AI

    Automatically tag messages by topic or sentiment for quick context and consistent reporting. No manual tagging or maintenance needed.

Industry-leading tips on using AI

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who should use Front’s AI capabilities?

    Whether you’re looking to automate resolutions or enable your team to work more efficiently, our AI capabilities are versatile to support goals across a wide range of team functions and company sizes. And this is just the beginning — there are even more AI updates in the works across our entire platform.

  2. Are these features included in my plan?

    AI Summarize and AI Compose are available on the current Growth plan and above. AI Answers is accessible to customers on the current Growth plan and above through the purchase of an add-on for $0.70 per resolution. More details can be found on the pricing page. Plan availability and pricing for future features on the roadmap will be announced as they are released.

  3. How can I access the AI beta features for agent assistance?

    These beta features are now available to customers on the current Growth plan and above, until we reach capacity. Similar conversations, suggested replies, and tag by sentiment or topic will be free to use through the end of 2024, but these features may be moved into a paid add-on in the future. Company admins can turn on the features in their company settings. Learn more.

  4. Which providers power these AI features in Front?

    We’re using OpenAI, Azure OpenAI, and Amazon AWS, which are industry-leading AI providers. Specifically, we use the text generation API.

  5. How is my data processed? Is my data protected?

    While we may use your data to further train your model, your data will never be cross-contaminated with other companies’ data. We also have extensive data processing agreements in place with our AI providers to ensure that they’re not training their foundational models on any data that we send to them.

  6. How can I learn more about Front’s Security and Compliance practices?

    We never take your trust for granted and hold data privacy and protection with utmost importance. We have a dedicated, best-in-class security team, follow industry best practices for secure data, and operate in compliance including SOC 2 Type 2. Read more.