Say goodbye to your antiquated email inbox

Email inboxes or black boxes as we call them at Front are a thing of the past. Front is a customer communication hub that transforms how B2B technology teams collaborate. You can assign messages, edit CRM records, and loop teammates in on customer conversations, all without leaving your inbox. 

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Improve Customer Experience

Collaborate on fast, thorough replies

Work together with ease. Draft messages with your team and comment on emails internally behind-the-scenes.

Drive Operational Efficiency

Cut the busywork, so your team can thrive

Replace manual tasks with easy-to-build automations so you can assign, escalate, and reply to every message on time—helping your team work more efficiently.

Increase Growth

Retain high-value customers and top talent alike

Use analytics to streamline your workflow, improve customer satisfaction, and support your team. The result? Lasting relationships with customers—and a team that doesn’t burn out.

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A modern communication hub with the best of both worlds

Front is a hub for customer communication that combines the simplicity of an inbox with the powerful automation of a CRM. Collaborate behind the scenes with ease, build simple automation for busywork, and access actionable analytics so your team focus on your customers.

Be it support, success, or finance—B2B teams use Front to build lasting relationships

In reducing MongoDB’s email volume by over 90%, Front has empowered our team to gain operational control and dedicate more time to strategic projects.

Karin Roettgering, Director of Finance at MongoDB

We’re now able to work behind the scenes to connect all the dots because of the efficiency we get out of Front.

Chris Schwass, Director of Customer Revenue Operations at Culture Amp

Any team that works collaboratively would benefit from using Front.

Samar Mirza, Business Operations Coordinator

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All customer information lives in one place

See all communication channels, and all customer context, in one place so everyone has a 360 view of critical customer information, and every customer gets the most informed reply.

Work together like never before

Draft emails together to coach teammates on better replies, and comment internally on email threads. With Front, theres no need to reference an external chat tool or create messy email chains to work together or hand off a message.

Automate work to save time

Youre growing quicklydont let manual tasks slow you down. Build simple automations to assign, escalate, and organize messages so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Get actionable insights that help you grow

Measure response and resolution time, teammate performance, and workflow patterns. Turn insights into action, so you can keep improving for your customers.

Front fits your team perfectly

Bring the apps, data, and messages that drive business growth into your inbox and create the workflows your team requires.

Integrate your favorite apps into Front—or build your own.