Boost visibility for actionable insights

Measure performance to uplevel your customer experience while improving efficiency for your business.

Optimize individual and team performance
Optimize individual and team performance

Track team member productivity for coaching and recognizing top performers. Assess workload across teams to plan headcount and staffing.

Measure and improve customer experience
Measure and improve customer experience

Deliver top-notch customer service by tracking service level agreement (SLA) effectiveness, identifying bottlenecks, and measuring CSAT.

Grow and retain customers effectively
Grow and retain customers effectively

Make data-driven decisions on where to invest resources and how to improve processes in your customer experience over time.

Know exactly what to improve next

  1. Track and beat SLAs

    See how your team is pacing against clear reply time goals set per channel to meet customer expectations.

  2. Know what influences customer satisfaction

    Measure response times, resolution times, CSAT scores, and review customer feedback all in one place.

  3. Get a sense of team workload

    Understand how customer messages move between inboxes to help streamline coordination on conversations.

Build a world-class team

  1. Upskill teams to peak performance

    Get a granular breakdown of team productivity to guide 1:1 conversations, recognize top performers, and steer team meetings for process improvement.

  2. Efficiently staff to busiest times

    Schedule teams based on fluctuating demand to be more cost-effective and ensure a consistent customer experience.

  3. Draw insights from customer inquiries

    Digging into trends is easy with tags and message template use. Hone into topics, bottlenecks, or other problem areas to prioritize where to improve next.

Make data-backed decisions with confidence

  1. Customize dashboards for any leader

    Tailor views and schedule reports to support service, operations, or sales leadership with the insights they need.

  2. Reel in headcount costs

    An overview of team workload shows where you can optimize for more cost-effective headcount planning.

  3. Get the full picture of your business

    Make strategic decisions when you export Front data and combine it with other sources to gain a full understanding of your customer experience.

Our management team uses Front’s analytics to actively see how we are progressing towards our business goals, and get better insight into individual performance and see who needs help. Since starting with Front, we have increased efficiency to respond 2.5x faster to customers.

Trish Bingham, VP of Client ServicesBoostability logo