Bots & Workflow Automation


Fuel growth with automation powered by generative AI that’s tailored to your business specializes in business automation built with generative AI to uplevel sales and service. View video overview here.

Equipped with a powerful generative AI engine, Aissistant helps increase sales conversion rates and improves sales efficiency by 4X than that of a human — consistently performing with unlimited scalability and flexibility. Helping businesses become highly responsive, Aissistant resolves 80% of incoming cases and boosts service productivity instantly. This saves 60% on cost while creating happy customers through 24/7 omnichannel support. Channels supported include SMS, WhatsApp, email, online forms, social media, and web chat.

Aissistant is equipped with self-awareness capabilities, enabling it to identify when it needs human intervention and promptly notify the human team. Elevate your resources and real-time information systems with AI in just 10 minutes — at no cost.

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Screenshot of AissistScreenshot of Aissist