Front vs ticketing: A comparison

Front Team

Front Team

1 February 20230 min read

Finally, a tool that combines the power of a help desk with the ease and personal nature of email. Front is designed for you to build real relationships at scale without sacrificing efficiency.

Ticketing was built for large-scale organizations that want to optimize for transactions rather than relationships. With traditional ticketing...

  • Users have to constantly pivot between CRM tools, personal email, and collaboration systems

  • Agents have to treat customers like transactions, making customers feel like a number

  • Collaboration is limited, so users have to use other apps and tools to work across departments

  • You’re dealing with a complex, non-intuitive interface that takes a while to adopt

  • There’s often a long setup and onboarding periods that typically require a third-party consultant

For fast-growing teams that differentiate on personal, high-quality relationships but can’t sacrifice efficiency. With Front, you get:

  • Centralized customer communication: channels, external customer data, and internal collaboration tools all in one place

  • No cases, no tickets: Front is built for natural conversations that strengthen relationships

  • Native collaboration that makes it easy to work together directly on a customer message

  • Familiar interface that makes adoption easy and company deployment seamless

  • Tailored onboarding services

Ticketing: revolutionized

Front is everything you like about ticketing software, but built for humans. And real relationships. And ease of use.

Front scales personalized communication by combining automated workflows with a natural interface that connects to your customers’ preferred communication channels. So it’s easy to make every customer feel like your only one.

People want to feel like people, not a number. With Front, you can have a natural email conversation with every customer, so they feel thoughtfully tended to and your team doesn’t feel like robots.

Easy implementation

Front’s interface is familiar to email, so it’s natural for teams and customers alike to use. Our top-notch onboarding makes it easy to get up and running and building stronger customer relationships, in no time.

Front’s familiar interface and intuitive features make it easy to implement and enjoyable to use, so your team and customers see the benefits immediately.

Designed for relationships, not transactions

Front is built to keep your focus on the customer by integrating all customer data, collaboration capabilities, and critical automation in one place. The centralized hub means that your teams have more time to focus on meaningful customer interactions.

Comment on a message, make an easy handoff, share customer context. In Front, there are no silos, and your entire company views customer information and can work together on messages.

What makes Front different

Email lacks the sophisticated workflows your business needs, but you can’t work without it. We bring email into a modern customer communication hub. It’s quite a makeover.

Hear it directly from folks who made the switch:

Any team that works collaboratively would benefit from using Front.

Samar Mirza, Business Operations Coordinator

Get started with Front

Front is a great choice for teams collaborating and looking for a super centralized, user-friendly interface. It enables a more personalized end user experience, making it a winner for companies looking to tackle inbox management and exceed customer expectations.

Give Front a try

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