Our approach to pay transparency at Front

Ash Alexander

Ash Alexander,

Head of People at Front

11 January 20230 min read

We’re happy to share our approach to pay transparency as we believe awareness and visibility into compensation will lead to happier work.

Front’s vision is to make work happier, and our company culture is how we rise to our employees’ expectations for happier work. Since its inception, transparency has always been a core value to our business, and the intention of publishing our Total Rewards Philosophy is key to living that value.  For both employees and candidates considering working at Front, this blog post is intended to provide an overview about compensation at Front.

Front Total Rewards philosophy

At Front, we strongly believe that our employees deserve to be paid fairly and recognized for the value of their contributions. We’re committed to providing a competitive and transparent compensation and rewards program to attract, retain, and motivate all Fronteers.

With Front’s Total Rewards program, our goal is to implement a program that balances pay for performance; competitive health and wellbeing benefits; compelling career growth opportunities; and a strong company culture. We apply the following guiding principles for how we develop our Total Rewards programs. These goals are:

  1. Create an equitable, ethical, and consistent approach

  2. Remain competitive and responsive to the market

  3. Build in a way that is scalable, operationally efficient, and financially sustainable

We utilize a performance-based approach that offers many types of total rewards including base pay, incentive pay (for specific roles), equity, and a variety of benefits and perks. To differentiate our Total Rewards package against our talent competitors, we also focus on the following core areas to help us prioritize offerings: 

  • Pay for performance: We differentiate pay by considering achievement of goals and objectives, including how you achieved them (e.g., were you a good teammate along the way?).

  • Health and wellbeing: At the end of the day, your health and wellbeing is our highest priority. We want to ensure that you and your loved ones have the right support. 

  • Compelling career growth opportunities: We want you to have a transformational career experience at Front.

We will continue to evaluate our overall Total Rewards offerings, make updates as appropriate to further strengthen our positioning, and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

How we determine pay at Front

At Front, we regularly evaluate our pay based on the labor market. We use leading and widely recognized third-party compensation data providers, combined with insights we learn from our recruiting experience. In addition to staying informed on the latest market trends, we pay for performance and use a merit-based approach to increase base pay as employees gain more experience and increase their value to Front. 

How we determine pay: 

  • Research: We use third-party compensation data providers to determine competitive compensation by role per our competitive strategy.

  • Compare: We calibrate against pay for similar roles within Front, in addition to taking into account current market pay trends we learn from our recruiting process.

  • Develop pay ranges: We aim to exceed the market and build pay ranges that align with that strategy. 

Geographic pay

Each Fronteer is assigned an Employee Profile (Hybrid, Commuter, Remote, or In-Office; more below) that designates the minimum number of days per week that they are expected to be in the office. Per our Return to Office Philosophy, we believe that in-person relationships and collaboration drive a compelling company culture and strong company results. Front’s approach to geographic pay utilizes a combination of location and Employee Profile. We use location-specific data to create compensation zones based on the cost of labor primarily in locations where we have offices. If a location of interest is not listed, please speak with a recruiter for additional information. 


Zone 1 

  • San Francisco (Hybrid, In-office)

Zone 2 

  • Seattle (Remote)

  • New York City (Remote)

  • Southern California (Commuter, Remote)

  • San Francisco (Commuter)

Zone 3

  • Chicago (Hybrid, In-office)

  • All other US cities


Zone 1

  • Paris (Hybrid, In-office)

Zone 2

  • France (Remote, Commuter)


Zone 1

  • Dublin (Hybrid, In-office)

Zone 2

  • Ireland (Remote, Commuter)

Employee Profiles


Most of our Fronteers are categorized as Hybrid and work from the office two days a week. Any employee living within 50 miles of one of our offices will be considered Hybrid. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the required in-office days, but Fronteers can always come in more often if they wish. 


These Fronteers work primarily from a designated remote but accessible location and are expected to come into the office 1-5 business days per month. This profile allows us to expand our access to a larger talent pool that’s still within travel distance to a Front hub.


A smaller number of Fronteers will be remote full time, with limited expectations of time spent in an office as discussed with their managers. 


A handful of Fronteers, like office managers and IT, will work in the office full time. They’ll be expected to come to the office 4 days a week (every day except Friday).

*Front reserves the right to reevaluate an employee’s compensation should they change their permanent address or employee profile classification. 

Transparency to grow your career

Transparency has always been a core value of our business, and we hope our approach provides clarity for both employees and candidates. Prioritizing pay transparency ensures every Fronteer has access to the necessary tools and information to make informed decisions to grow their careers. We strive to help our team work happier, and we believe awareness and visibility into compensation will lead to happier work.


Written by Ash Alexander

Originally Published: 11 January 2023

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