Committing to data security with SOC 2 Type II certification

Emily Hackeling

Emily Hackeling,

Content Marketing at Front

2 December 20200 min read

We’re thrilled to announce Front’s SOC 2 Type II certification as a marker of our ongoing dedication to protecting your most critical information.

Email is at the core of your business, and within it lies some of your company’s most critical information. That’s why security has always been a top priority to us at Front—and why we’re thrilled to announce our SOC 2 Type II certification.

Rest assured that your information is protected

The industry-recognized SOC 2 Type II certification verifies that Front has been built to keep your sensitive data secure. The 6-month long audit involved a thorough analysis of our controls, the tests we perform to assess their effectiveness, and the results of those tests. Through this milestone, we hope to provide you with further peace of mind that your data is safeguarded, our systems are reliably built, and our product is scaling securely.

Our commitment to you for the future

We’re invested in not only maintaining the highest level of security for our customers, but also in sharing our security practices transparently with you. Our SOC 2 Type II compliance has come just 6 months after our SOC 2 Type I compliance in June 2020, validating our team’s ongoing dedication and efforts.

While we celebrate securing SOC 2 Type II certification, we want this to serve as a marker of our pledge to you that we will continue to test existing practices and evolve quickly to meet modern requirements. When you’re using Front, we want you to rest assured that your team, data, and customers are in good hands, so your team can focus on making an impact.

Written by Emily Hackeling

Originally Published: 2 December 2020

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