Bellhops moves 3x faster with Front

Bellhops switched from Zendesk to manage SMS texts and emails together in Front. Now they’re responding 3x faster.

Bellhops is a tech-enabled platform for moving services that aims to make moving both simple and “survivable.” Their solution is to match student workers, who have free time and a need for extra cash, with the more than 35 million annual do-it-yourselfers who are looking for a simple, affordable alternative to traditional moving services. Bellhops offers their services in 80 cities around the US. In just minutes, you can book a bellhop for your move with as little as 24 hours notice.


“At Bellhops, quick and seamless communication with our customers is key to making the process of moving as painless as possible” explained Amber Stacey, Director of Customer Operations at Bellhops. Bellhops originally turned to Zendesk to facilitate their customer support. However, after a year and a half of using the help desk software, they had three primary pain points.

Impersonal ticketing

“We were unhappy with the fact that Zendesk’s presence was very visible in all of our communications. The ticketing system made our communication with customers feel very impersonal. In addition, Bellhops relies on real-time communication, and there were often delays with Zendesk’s ticketing system” Amber pointed out.

No SMS Support

While Bellhops primarily communicates with their customers over email, communication with their bellhops takes place via text message. The Bellhops team had started using Twilio to manage this communication, but had to switch back and forth between Zendesk and their cell phones in order to keep up with all conversations.

Siloed conversations

Amber also explained that, “with so many moving pieces and short lead times, there are often situations where up to 10 diferent teams within Bellhops need access to the same conversation. Not only was our customer communication siloed on Zendesk, but with our previous email client, this also meant a lot of fwds, ccs, and bccs. As a result, there were often situations where teams either had too much or too little access to customer communications.”


Bellhops has 79 teammates and a total of 52 inboxes in Front. Their shared inboxes include Bellhops Support, Bellhops Operations, and Deliveries to manage their external communication, and Bellhops Onboarding, Tech Support, and Escalation for communication with internal teams. In addition, Bellhops synced their Twilio numbers with Front, which they use to manage text support and communication with their “hoppers.”

“Bellhops has created 69 rules within Front to help streamline workflow. These rules are triggered on information within incoming messages, which then route these messages to the correct inbox or teammate. For example, when someone wants to move within 24 hours or requests the use of a truck, messages are automatically sent to priority inboxes. This means all messages from potential customers are read by the right person at the right time,” Amber describes.

Bellhops also enabled integrations with Asana, Jira, Slack, and Zapier, so that all of their team’s tools are kept up to date with the most relevant, and actionable information.


Bellhops responds to all of their incoming messages directly from Front, and their customers are no longer required to “reply above the line.” As a result, Amber explains that “all of our communication with customers feels more personal.” The team can also manage all of their communications from the same place. This makes it easier for the team to stay on top of messages from both their customers and their bellhops, regardless of whether they happen over email or text.

Front ensures that everyone is on the same page, and that no information falls through the cracks.

Amber Stacey, Director of Customer Operations

Amber explains, “since we now manage all of our communication in Front, we are also able to ensure that every team has access to all the information they need. The organization has benefited tremendously from the transparency, and there is a vast improvement in the communication between the teams. Front ensures that everyone is on the same page, and that no information falls through the cracks.”

Before Bellhops came to Front, it was difficult for the teams to communicate with one another and share information. With all of their inboxes in one place, the Bellhops team has become more efficient and accountable. Equipped with the tools to collaborate seamlessly, they can handle all of their external communications three times faster than before.

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