Boostability responds 2.5x faster to deliver an excellent client experience

The Boostability client services team of 160 depends on Front to provide on-brand, white label service to 26,000 customers.

Boostability provides SEO and website development services for small businesses to elevate their online presence. Their client services team of 100 depends on Front to provide on-brand, white label service to 26,000 customers on behalf of their 200 partners.

“My team literally could not do what they do without Front. With one tool to manage hundreds of partners and thousands of accounts, Front gives our team the stability and security to work efficiently and deliver a great experience,” said VP of Client Services Trish Bingham.

My team literally could not do what they do without Front.

Trish Bingham, VP of Client Services

Consolidating tools to keep the focus on the customer

The Boostability team has always taken pride in creating an excellent customer experience, and Front has enabled them to improve it even further. “Front serves as a safeguard for our white label service. It takes away the manual effort, so we can just focus on great communication with the customer,” she said.

The Boostability team switches between hundreds of identities each day to reply on behalf of their partners. Before using Front, they had to log into each partner’s email account to reply. To stay aligned with every partner’s unique voice, they copy-and-pasted messaging and email signatures from Google Docs. Keeping track of passwords was difficult, and they had to be careful not to send emails with signatures from the wrong brand.

“Emails were a daily struggle. Despite our best efforts, our workflows before weren’t designed to handle hundreds of emails from hundreds of partners,” Bingham said.

Now, Boostability teammates work from a single tool — Front. They have a team inbox for each partner with custom rules, signatures, and message templates to match their partner’s brand. There’s no hassle because they don’t have to log in and out again from each team inbox. With round-robin rules and assignments, emails are distributed amongst the team evenly. When a teammate goes on vacation, emails are automatically assigned to other teammates, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Increasing efficiency to respond 2.5x faster

Front has cut down Boostability’s response time from 10 hours to 4 — and they’re steadily improving every month. “Front’s enabled us to have efficiency standards and continually work to improve them,” Bingham said.

Rules in Front remind them to reply when an email approaches their 24 hour SLA. Since anyone can handle any email without having to switch platforms or worry about having the right messaging, everyone can pick up emails and get back to customers in a timely manner. “With Front we’re working more productively, and customers can feel the difference,” Bingham said.

With Front we’re working more productively, and customers can feel the difference.

Trish Bingham, VP of Client Services

Improving team morale and performance with insights

Front has also improved the overall work environment at Boostability. “Job satisfaction is much higher, and the team is less stressed,” Bingham said. Teammates aren’t navigating between 5 or more platforms and juggling passwords all day, so they feel more confident in their work.

“Before Front, it was hard to make sure people were getting responses,” Bingham said. Shared inboxes give her visibility into what’s been taken care of, so she can rest assured that every client is getting a reply. The management team uses Front’s analytics to get better insight into individual performance and see who needs help. They’re constantly improving their response time, and the team can actively see how they’re progressing towards their business goals.

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