How Matera cuts property management costs by 30%

Imagine owning a building with 250 apartments. Sounds great, right?

Now imagine trying to communicate with every person who lives there. And fix the plumbing when the toilet clogs. And make sure the fire alarms are up to code every year. And not lose all your money that you invested in the property.

That’s where Matera steps in and helps — and has already for more than 1,500 residential properties in Europe.

Matera gives property owners all the tools they need to self-manage their residential buildings. Their platform allows co-owners to manage finances, insurance, communication, and more in a single portal — and their team of experts provides support to help with any questions you have along the way. When you work with Matera, you can also access an online community of 30,000 other property owners and a directory of services across France, so plumbing, electricians, and roofers are always a call away.

Matera works with several developers like Eiffage, Bouygues and Kaufman & Broad, in addition to social housing providers like CDC Habitat, and Hauts-de-Seine Habitat. With their management model and expense analysis, property co-owners save on average 30% of overall annual costs.

Matera’s customer success and operations teams rely on Front to manage communications with customers and deliver seamless service in under a day to questions of all kinds, like: What do I do when someone isn’t paying bills? How do I file for loans? Where’s a plumber who can help me…right now?


Head of Customer Success Eléonore manages a customer success team of around 20 people, but their team works closely with other departments internally to get customers what they need.

They have different sizes of customers, who each need different amounts of help. They needed a way to organize these messages, filter them to the right teammates, and loop in the right collaborators to respond — and their goal is to do so within 1 day or less.


Front gives Matera the flexibility to connect with the tools they need and the collaboration they need to respond to customers in their 1 day window.

A flexible platform to manage every message

Matera customers use in-app messaging as their go-to way to get help. Through Front’s API, these in-app messages come into Front as emails. The emails get automatically tagged in Front with important details about the customer, such as:

  • Name of deal (address)

  • Former management type

  • Subject that the client chooses in app

  • # of apts of building

A single point of contact with quick collaboration behind the scenes

Matera’s customer success managers operate as a single point of contact for the customers, but their team relies on developers and experts, in anything from legal to service work. Front allows their team to collaborate internally to solve these issues while maintaining a seamless conversation with customers.

“Front is very useful because we are able to to discuss messages with a few people. For example, with the developer team. When we need their help, we can directly comment in Front to chat about it with them,” Eléonore noted.

Without Front, collaboration would be way more difficult.

Context on the email thread, right where you need it

Eléonore added that internal comments are critical for their teams’ workflow. The onboarding and customer success teams will work together on conversations, and often the legal team will chime in to give help on issues with leases too.

VIP treatment

Some of Matera’s largest clients get a top tier level of service — replies within 3 hours. Using Front’s tags and rules, teammates get a notification on desktop or Slack message for the SLA on each VIP messages, so they know when they have to reply within a shorter window.

Better than Zendesk

Eléonore was using Zendesk at her previous company, but she said she likes using Front better because the UI is better and easier to learn. She also likes the concept of having Inbox Zero which Front provides. Finally, Eléonore said the support Front provides is really different from what they received when she used Zendesk. “The Front customer support team has been really responsive any time we ask a question.”

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