This business lost the human touch. Is yours next?


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Customers are loyal to people, not companies. If they feel you’ve lost your humanity, you’re about to lose their business.

See what Harvard Business Review says is preventing businesses from building strong relationships

Businesses everywhere have gone cold, and customers are the first to notice

82% of customers want human interactions vs automated ones

When it’s make or break, bet on humans

Business is — and will always be — about relationships. But as companies scale, it becomes a challenge to maintain the same meaningful interactions with every customer. Countless tools on the market aim to solve this problem, but their approach is to turn customers into numbers in a queue, not real people with real needs.

Over 60% of companies claim customer information is not readily accessible from teams and systems

The human touch is hard to scale

Growth is often great for everyone but the customer. As businesses outgrow processes, they are less able to access and act on customer information, resulting in impersonal interactions and operational inefficiency. The traits at the heart of great customer relationships — trust, compassion, empathy — are the qualities most difficult to scale or for technology to replicate.

It’s not too late to find the human touch

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