Lokalise Messages

Real-time, two-way chat, messaging, and ticket translation.

Lokalise Messages for Front is an integration that translates conversations between customers and your company in real time, using neural machine translation. With 100+ languages available, you can delight customers and prospects in their native languages while leaving your current workflows untouched.

Lokalise Messages uses AI-powered neural machine translation for real-time machine translation of conversations. It also includes a Glossary that ensures common industry and company terminology is correctly translated or not translated at all, with customized glossary entries.

Lokalise Messages for Front detects the language of incoming requests. Those requests are then translated into your team’s language. Translations appear as internal notes in Front. Your team members send a translated reply to a customer by writing an internal note starting with an exclamation mark, like “!Hi Jamie…”

Screenshot of Lokalise MessagesScreenshot of Lokalise MessagesScreenshot of Lokalise MessagesScreenshot of Lokalise Messages