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UpBrains AI

AI for your inbox: Intelligent OCR, Chat and information extraction

UpBrains AI brings intelligence to your Front inbox to help your team work smarter not harder with three flagship products: UpBrains Chat, UpBrains Xtract, and UpBrains Converse.

UpBrains Chat brings the power of ChatGPT to your inbox and allows you to create professional content, generate responses to emails and notes, proof read your drafts, and answer many common questions, among many other things, at your command.

UpBrains Xtract is an intelligent document and text reader that can extract key information of interest:

Xtract OCR extracts the text of images and PDF attachments in a Front conversation and produces layout-preserving text outputs. It can read handwritten text and supports more than 30 languages.
Xtract Prebuilt can read and extract key information from documents such as invoices, receipts, purchase orders and the like. Prebuilt models are available for Latin-based languages.
Xtract AnyDoc can be trained to extract key entities and information from the body of messages and text documents. Extract AnyDoc can be trained with a handful of documents and text and supports English currently.

UpBrains Converse
is an intelligent action and task extractor from the body of Front messages. It identifies four major types of tasks: requests, promises, questions, and soft actions.

The UpBrains Front Webhook can insert the results of UpBrains Xtract and UpBrains Converse as comments into your Front conversations and make them available for review in UpBrains Front Plugin. It can also be configured to send the extraction results to third party applications directly.

Through UpBrains Front Plugin you can interact with UpBrains Chat and review and act on the results of Xtract OCR, Xtract Prebuilt, Xtract AnyDoc, and UpBrains Converse.

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