Bots & Workflow Automation

UpBrains AI

AI Copilot for your inbox: Intelligent document OCR, inbox automation, and response assistance

UpBrains AI unleashes the power of AI to automate your repetitive and time-consuming customer operations tasks. The UpBrains AI helps you automatically process your inbox attachments and automate workflows in your team inbox. Empower your team with UpBrains AI Copilot for Front to achieve an unparalleled level of productivity and customer satisfaction, boosting efficiency, reducing response times, minimizing errors,scaling your teams, and improving customer satisfaction.

Key features
• Intelligent message processing and document OCR to extract key data from the message body and attachments (PDF, images, or Excel sheets) for documents such as invoices, orders, IDs, shipping documents, receipts, and more, or create your own extractors for your custom documents with a high degree of extraction precision

• AI-powered routing of emails and messages and custom tagging

• No-code workflow automation from pre-built or custom templates

• Response assistance from AIs that create professional drafts based on information in your knowledge bases, APIs, and even your past conversation responses (the AI will continue to learn with your business)

• Seamless integration with Front and third-party applications

• Access on-demand UpBrains AI capabilities in UpBrains AI Copilot for Front

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