How Zappos, Airbnb, DoorDash have won by differentiating on customer service

Alfred Lin, who led Zappos as COO and who now invests in and advises world-class startups as a partner at Sequoia, sits down with Front CEO, Mathilde Collin.

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In our next edition of Customer Service Game Changers, Front’s CEO Mathilde Collin will sit down with Alfred Lin, who as COO led Zappos to a $1.2B acquisition by Amazon and who now invests in and advises world-class startups as a partner at Sequoia.

Alfred saw how Zappos revolutionized online retail by leading with service, describing itself as “a customer service company that happens to sell shoes, handbags, clothing, and more.” He is now shepherding the next batch of successful startups through a shift in customer expectations with the rise of AI and has a unique perspective on how the game is changing.

Join us for a 45-minute conversation, where you’ll learn:

  • How Zappos created a “culture of wow” at the company level and why that led to its success

  • Why support needs to be a company-wide priority and the blind spots that leaders have when thinking about customer service

  • What industries are notoriously bad at service, and ways they can truly differentiate

  • What it takes to maintain a consistent level of service when your audience is segmented, as with Airbnb (hosts, guests) and DoorDash (restaurants, diners, dashers)

  • How customer expectations have shifted, from the vantage point of 13 years at Sequoia

  • How AI will change customer service in 2024 and predictions for the years ahead