How Front’s customer service uses Front

Learn how we’re using Knowledge Base, chatbots, and resolution analytics to resolve customer inquiries faster

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The newest improvements to Front’s Knowledge Base, chatbots, and resolution analytics are making it easier than ever for customer service teams to deliver faster resolutions that scale over time.

Join us for this virtual event to learn from Front’s customer service team — who have maintained a 98%+ CSAT score this year (including 4 months of 100%!) — on how they leverage the latest features in their day-to-day. We’ll also give an early look on what feature improvements to be on the lookout for next!

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build and manage your Knowledge Base to provide support at scale

  • Configure chatbots to streamline bot to agent handoffs — with and without live chat options 

  • Prepare for AI Answers to resolve customer inquiries without a human

  • Optimize how your team tackles resolution to regularly improve their service