Reinventing client engagement for management consulting firms

For management consulting firms, client expectations are more demanding than ever. 

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They want high quality solutions delivered faster, at a lower cost. It’s hard to blame them—but it’s also not easy to keep up. 

Front helps firms to exceed client expectations and stay ahead of the competition, by tackling the communication channel you rely on most: email.

83% of consumers prefer communications from businesses through email. But only 34% of time spent in email is actually productive. Front’s here to fix that. Front’s client communication hub drives personalized engagement, at scale, by reinventing a universally adopted application — email.

In this report, Mainstay research shares the key benefits teams find from Front. Front accelerates responses, strengthens client connections, boosts employee productivity, and raises morale. 

Read case studies and statistics on the ROI of Front, such as:

  • $650,000 client service productivity savings reported by customer Morningside

  • 300% average SLA performance improvement reported by 10 Front customers

  • 20 hours per month saved by Meraki due to productivity improvements 

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