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Multi Channel Communication

Multi Channel Communication - Email, SMS, Live Chat, and More

Centralize all customer communication channels in one place to coordinate quickly and respond faster.

One collaborative hub for every message

Manage email, SMS, chat, social, and more

Give your browser tabs a break, and manage multiple customer communication channels in Front. Connect email, SMS, live chat, Facebook, and more to one collaborative hub. It looks and feels like email, so it’s easy to manage. The best part? There’s no funky formatting and your replies go directly to the customer in the channel it came in on—so for them, all they see is a flawless customer experience.

Get clear ownership in shared inboxes

With shared view of every message, there’s no confusion, duplicate replies, or emails slipping through the cracks. Everyone works from the same queue with built-in message assignments, so it’s always clear who’s responsible for what. Get internal visibility on what’s left in the queue at-a-glance, and rest assured that your team’s got it handled. Plus, your team will feel confident with a clear sense of what they’re responsible for.

Give a better experience with a single view of every customer

Got a tweet from a customer who emailed you yesterday? See it all, directly next to the message you’re replying to. With shared customer context and history accessible over any channel, you’ll never ask the same question twice. Plus, Front lets you integrate with Salesforce, your CRM, and 60+ other apps, so you can easily access and edit customer data without leaving your inbox. Your customer will think it’s magic.

Access analytics to constantly improve

Your team uses multiple communication channels because you care deeply about giving customers a great experience. Front lets you continue to improve that experience through analytics across every channel. Measure team and individual performance, track response metrics, and gather customer insights. Which channel are customers using most? What topics are customers asking about most often? Find all these insights and more in Front, so you can make informed decisions that power your business forward.

Automate workflows and respond faster

Your team excels at communicating with customers—so let them spend their time on what they do best. Cut down on busywork and save hours each week with automated rules in Front. You can automate triage or routing, trigger SLA alerts, and organize messages instantly. And when you want to add a new channel like SMS texting as a way for customers to reach you? No problem. Your rules and organization can apply across every channel.

Front has helped us respond to customers twice as fast. It aligned all our customer communications in one place, so we can offer better support.
Mike RosenbaumCEO & Co-Founder, Spacer
More high-impact teams rely on Front

The omnichannel inbox your team will love

Team inboxes

Connect email, live chat, SMS text, and more in shared inboxes that your team can collaborate on together.


Understand communication activity across every channel, measure response time, and report on results. Front’s analytics make it easy to get the insights you need to improve.

Message templates

Save time while responding with email templates for more consistent answers and faster responses for customers.


Build automatic workflows to sort incoming requests, route them to the right person, manage SLAs, and more.


No more messages slipping through the cracks. Assign any message to the right person on your team to handle it end to end, and even build automations to balance the load.

Use Front, the best multi channel communication solution

  • Bring every customer message into one place

  • Get shared context to give an excellent customer experience 

  • Build easy and intuitive workflows and routing

  • Manage and triage messages as a team

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