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Shared Inbox

The best shared inbox

Manage support@, info@, contact@ — you name it. Collaborate on customer communication to respond faster and deliver an outstanding experience.

Managing email as a team has never been simpler

Bring distribution lists, group email aliases, and more into shared inboxes

Group email has never been easier to handle. Plug in group email accounts like team@ into a shared inbox in Front to give your team a shared view of every email. With this shared inbox solution, your team can work together to collaborate on email and move through the queue faster.

Collaborate on email like never before

Uniting internal chat and email into one place, Front gives your team an entirely new way to work together. You can comment internally on emails, instead of cc’ing teammates or forwarding. It’s easy to loop teammates in, comment behind-the-scenes, and even share email drafts to write replies together. That way you’re never stuck sifting through long forwarded email threads, and you never risk sending an internal email to a customer. It’s how email should have been all along.

Get email accountability in shared inboxes

Your team wants clear ownership, and your customers deserve faster responses. With shared inboxes in Front, emails never slip through the cracks. Use assignments to give every email a clear owner. You can also get emails where they need to be with workflow rules and assignments based on keywords, sender, time of day, and more. No more confusion over who’s handling what.

Improve constantly with email visibility and analytics

Get metrics on your team’s email habits with shared inbox analytics in Front. Measure email volume, response time individually and across your team, and other email trends in customizable analytics reports. And with email visibility in shared inboxes, you can easily keep a pulse on the queue at a glance to jump in and help when your team needs it.

Wow your customers with personal responses

With Front, all your customers see are fast, thorough responses from your team. Instead of handing off group emails internally to get back to your customers, Front lets you take care of all the organization, triage and collaboration behind the scenes. So even when your team is receiving high email volume, your team can give the same personal experience.

Front lets us deliver a consistent experience, no matter where you are or who you are. Front keeps us organized in a way no other tool could.
Kevin MillerDirector of Growth, Open Listings
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Turn emails into action with Front, the top shared inbox solution

Shared inboxes

Connect email, live chat, SMS text, and more in shared inboxes that your team can collaborate on together. Say farewell to messy distribution lists.

Email analytics

Understand email habits, volume, and activity. Measure response time, and report on results. Front’s analytics make it easy to get the insights you need to keep email under control.

Message templates

Don’t waste time typing the same email over and over. Respond with email templates for more consistent answers and faster responses.


Build automatic workflows to sort incoming requests in your shared inbox, route them to the right person, create SLA alerts, and more.


With a shared inbox, emails never slip through the cracks or get duplicate replies. Use message assignments to give clear ownership over every email. You can even automate assignments and instantly balance the load across your team.

Move faster with shared inboxes in Front

  • Centralize group emails, individual email, SMS text, live chat, and more into one place

  • Get email visibility and context on every customer email

  • Make automations to keep your shared inbox organized and efficient

  • Manage email as a team to respond faster

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