6 simple ways to be more inclusive of LGBTQIA+ teammates at work

Front Team

Front Team

30 June 20220 min read

The Front team shared actionable inclusivity tips to ensure teammates feel empowerment and belonging at work — during Pride Month, and all year long.

The mural pictured above was painted by Front Brand Designer Ridan Arellano.

Pride Month may be wrapping up, but it’s a good time to remember that we don’t have to restrict learning, celebration, and inclusivity to just one month of the year. True progress comes from putting in work all year long. To make this a reality at Front, we’re lucky to have help from OutFront, our Fronteer Resource Group (FRG) dedicated to LGBTQIA+ employees.

OutFront officially launched in 2022 as a resource for Fronteers to connect and learn from one another. This month the team organized events such as “Queer Questions — Ask Us Anything” with a panel as an open space to learn and get to know each other, and #QueerHeros, where teammates shared stories of important historical queer figures like Harvey Milk. Several teammates also shared actionable ways anyone can be more inclusive of their LGBTQIA+ teammates in the workplace — read on for their advice. 

1. Make no assumptions about sexuality or gender

“Approach coworker interactions with an open mind around sexual orientation or gender. For example: If someone tells you they are married, lead with gender-neutral languages like spouse, partner, or significant other instead of husband or wife.” - Jacob Vasquez, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

2. Share your pronouns

“I really appreciate when people have their pronouns in email signatures, Slack, or Zoom. I appreciate knowing how to address someone when I work with them for the first time. But I also like knowing how to think of them in my mind or when referring to them while talking with others. It helps remove the assumption we’ve all historically made about others.” - Anne Racioppi, Brand Design Producer

3. Use your unique skillset and role to show support

“Think about how you can leverage your position to help support an LGBTQIA+ ERG or any ERG for that matter. A successful ERG takes a community to build. Executives can be great fiscal sponsors. HRBPs can help push benefits conversations. Designers can help make engaging swag. Everyone’s got something to offer; you just need to lean in.” - Andersen Yu, Solutions Engineering Manager

4. Hold others accountable

“If you see homophobia or transphobia, step in and say something so that a queer teammate doesn’t have to. Make it so that LGBTQIA+ folks don’t have to do extra work.” - Phoebe Killick, Customer Support Representative

5. Remember that everyone has a different experience

“Know that there’s no one-size-fits-all way to be LGBTQIA+. The LGBTQIA+ community is vibrantly diverse and each person has a unique lived experience. Some people have been widely accepted while others have faced tremendous adversity. Engage with LGBTQIA+ folks with compassion and an open mind.” - Jacob Vasquez, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

6. Every little bit of support counts

“Spend time to engage and support the work of the LGBTQIA+ colleagues around you. Whether it’s a lunch and learn or designing stickers, it’s important to remember your colleagues are not only spending their own time doing this work, but they’re also being vulnerable, so show your support, even if it’s with an emoji!” - Andersen Yu, Solutions Engineering Manager

Want more tips on inclusive collaboration? Read advice from author and inclusivity expert Jodi Detjen. If you’re interested in joining the Front team, check out our open roles here.

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