Front expands to Chicago and Dublin, Ireland

Front is on the move again—we’re excited to expand our team to be closer to customers and hire more talented Fronteers.

A lot has changed about work in recent years, but at Front our mission remains the same: to make work happier for teams around the world. To make this possible, we’re thrilled to expand our team and open two new hubs: in Chicago, Illinois, and Dublin, Ireland.

Staying closer to customers and talent in Dublin, Ireland

In 2018, we opened a Paris office to better serve our customer base in Europe and across the globe. Now we’re excited to further invest in this region and continue to support our fast-growing customer base there. That’s why we’ve decided to expand to Dublin, Ireland.

We chose Dublin for many reasons. Since it’s home to many startup companies, tech giants, and universities, we can access a wide pool of talented candidates there. We are also thrilled to be growing our teams to support customers in EMEA time zones to give the best customer experience.

Our recruiting efforts, to start, will focus on sales, support, success, and marketing, and may expand to different roles over time.Focusing on these areas will allow us to tap into great talent in Dublin, accelerating our ability to grow. We are excited to invest in building these teams in Dublin over the next year and beyond.

Dublin teammates will start in late 2021—and we’re hiring for them today. These first roles will be under our sales and success organizations: new business, existing business, customer success, and solutions engineering.

We will plan to open an office space in the future, depending on the local Covid-19 guidelines, restrictions, and our ability to work safely in offices together.

Expanding to new time zones and building a diverse workforce in Chicago

Front chose to move to the Windy City to access top talent and hire a more diverse team. This location will enable us to bring on more people from different backgrounds and cultures so we can continue to grow an inclusive company.

Our recruiting efforts for the Chicago office will focus on sales, support, and customer success. We partnered with re:work, which is headquartered in Chicago, to boost the pipeline for sales development representative candidates from non-traditional backgrounds, focusing on Black and Latin Americans.

"Front has given re:work both its time and its talent. When sales and recruiting leaders from Front lend their expertise to our candidates, untapped and overlooked communities from Chicago gain access to some of the best talent evaluators in the business. Our community is able to leverage the years and years of SaaS experience that the Front team has, which in turn, has led to our candidates growing in confidence, knowledge, and relationship," said Ben Nussbaum, Corporate Partnerships at re:work.

We’re dedicated to building out these teams for success for years to come. Similar to our Dublin office, we’ll plan to open a physical office space in Chicago that complies with local Covid-19 guidelines when it’s safe for employees to return regularly.

Dublin and Chicago, here we come

We’re looking forward to growing our teams in Dublin and Chicago. No matter the location, the mission remains the same: work happier. We’re hiring now in both locations—check out our open roles!

Originally Published: 9 October 2021

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