Independent study finds Front can deliver 442% ROI

Front Team

Front Team

6 October 20220 min read

Study attributes better customer experiences, profit improvements, and higher customer retention to Front’s customer communications software, leading to potential benefits of $3.95M over 3 years

SAN FRANCISCO–October 6, 2022– Front, a communication hub for building strong customer relationships on digital channels, today revealed findings from Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study illustrating that organizations using Front can see a three-year, 442% return on investment. In this commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Front, Forrester interviewed four enterprise Front customers from a variety of industries (including B2B tech, logistics, professional services) determining that Front drives down operational costs and increases profit through improved retention.

For many businesses, managing increasing customer expectations around availability, quality, and speed of service via electronic message is a massive challenge. Many legacy ticketing systems and processes designed around email don’t measure up. The Forrester study found that Front brought these organizations measurable efficiency and productivity gains, enabling them to respond faster and with higher-quality responses. Forrester designed a composite organization based on interviews with real customers and then ran it through their model, which they found would result in increased customer satisfaction and benefits of $3.95 million over three years with Front. When businesses improve response time to customer inquiries and through additional process improvements, they deliver a better overall experience and customer retention rates likely increase.

Key benefits of using Front included: 

  • Avoided headcount growth. The efficiency and productivity gains made possible with Front allowed the composite organization’s 25-person customer service team to avoid hiring the 11 additional people it would have needed to keep up with current workload and meet its response time goals. Over three years, avoiding that 44% projected growth adds up to $1.8 million in savings for the composite organization. 

  • Increased customer retention. By providing customers with higher-quality responses in a shorter time frame, the composite organization improves its customer satisfaction. This results in an estimated $1.6 million in incremental profit gains over three years for the composite organization.

  • Realized savings from discontinuing the prior solution. Ending its user license fees with their prior vendor results in over $531,800 in savings for the composite organization over three years.

  • Increased employee morale. Employee experience is improved as team members have more clarity on job assignments, enjoy a more predictable workload, and gain confidence by meeting performance goals.

  • Increased collaboration and teamwork. Front’s in-thread commenting and tagging system allowed employees to consult with colleagues much more quickly and easily than by forwarding customer emails or opening separate chat windows.

Customer quotes:

“We used to handle 2,000 emails a day. Moving to Front saved us 5 hours, and we use that time to update our TMS daily. That reduced our emails by 50% because the customer sees the information in the TMS and doesn’t have to email. It’s a chain reaction.” -Operations director at a logistics company

“Our goal has always been to respond to urgent inquiries within 2 hours and non-urgent inquiries within a day. We weren’t anywhere close before. Now, we’re doing it.” -Director of customer care at a professional services company

“We had a CSAT of 77.3% during our first month with Front. It went up 91.7% in a six-month timeframe. So our CSAT is really high, and it’s also gone up.” -CRO at a B2B tech company

To read a copy of the entire Forrester Total Economic Impact of Front study, click here

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Originally Published: 6 October 2022

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