How Flodesk uses ClickUp and Front to escalate support requests efficiently

Jonny Parker

Jonny Parker,

Content Marketing at Front

3 August 20210 min read

Front and ClickUp help a fully remote team give 40,000+ clients an excellent experience.

We had the chance to speak to Megan Seeley, Head of Member Experience at Flodesk, about using Front and ClickUp to manage internal projects and communicate with their customers.

Flodesk helps 40K clients send beautiful email marketing

Flodesk is an email marketing service provider built for creators with a passion for designing emails people love to open. They’re here to make small business owners more successful through good design and marketing. One of their goals was to create a platform where a solopreneur could have a well-designed email that looked as if they had a marketing and design department create it for them.

With about 21 people working remotely worldwide, Flodesk is for small businesses; they keep that at the forefront. They work with members who are bootstrapping and operating solo or with a small team. Currently, Flodesk has around 40,000 paid members.

"We are for people who are just getting started with email marketing or already have small engaged email lists. We are for people who are emailing to build relationships and who want to invest in email marketing."

Front helps Flodesk give every client a tailor-made experience

Flodesk’s Member Experience department relies on Front to communicate with members quickly and effectively, according to Megan.

With a team spread across time zones, Flodesk uses Front to communicate internally and keep their members streamlined in Front. With Front, their team is on the same page and has clear ownership over who’s doing what for their clients.

Having all context centralized in Front has been invaluable, helping their team be a united front and best serve their members. They don’t have to worry about passing their members off person to person, but can quickly discuss internally with comments to figure out what needs to be done quickly and efficiently.

The team uses tags to make sure all member communication stays organized, no matter what.

Megan also mentioned that her favorite features with Front are analytics and message templates. Analytics give them insight into communication metrics so they can keep improving, and message templates allow them to save common responses so they can easily use them and customize them in a few clicks. Both are making their team’s jobs easier and more efficient while working remotely.

Flodesk escalates support requests to engineering using Front and ClickUp

The Flodesk team also loves using ClickUp to stay on top of work. A task management platform that helps the Member Experience team stay on top of work on a daily basis.

Using Front and ClickUp together, the Flodesk team is able to track support requests and organize them for the engineering team to work on. The Member Experience team uses Front to communicate with clients and internally. Then when they need to escalate an issue to engineering, they can easily create a task linked to the message, directly from their inboxes, thanks to the ClickUp integration in Front. With this integration, their team can easily escalate an issue, see progress on it, and have a clear understanding of when an issue is fixed. This makes it simple to report back to customers.

Clarity and transparency makes for a successful and happy team

Megan said with both Front and ClickUp, she doesn’t have to worry about accountability on the team—instead, everything is transparent.

Within Front, expectations are clear, and Megan can see if someone is struggling or falling behind based on data from Front’s analytics. She can encourage them, give training, or ask if any support is needed. This goes hand and hand with ClickUp as Megan is able to assign her team, due dates to projects, and keep track of their progress.

"Having everything laid out with complete transparency really allows us to do our best every day," Megan said.

Written by Jonny Parker

Originally Published: 3 August 2021

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