Introducing new AI capabilities in Front using ChatGPT’s API

Front Team

Front Team

23 March 20230 min read

New features make it even easier for teams to deliver seamless customer experiences at scale

Today, we’re thrilled to announce an early access program for new AI capabilities within Front’s all-in-one customer communication platform. 

At Front, our goal is to enable teams to deliver exceptional customer communication at scale. Too often, today’s communication tools force teams to choose between a high-quality customer experience and operational efficiency through tickets and impersonal bots that degrade the customer experience. 

We built Front to give teams the best of both worlds, and the new AI features we’re announcing today continue to deliver on that promise.

Draft higher-quality responses faster with AI

New AI capabilities within Front composer enable users to instantly draft messages using context from an ongoing conversation or just a few bullet points.

With AI draft assistance, users can focus their efforts on polishing and refining their customer communication, rather than starting from scratch. The end result is higher-quality customer communication and a more productive team.

Summarize long conversations using AI for easier collaboration

We’re also introducing the ability to summarize a Front conversation with a click, providing an AI-generated summary that includes a customer happiness score and even a recommendation for the best next step. 

Comments in Front make it easy to loop in other teammates and share the summary, enabling teams to work seamlessly behind the scenes to support their customers.

Join the early access list

The new AI capabilities are available through a limited early access program. We encourage all of our customers to join the waitlist to be the first to try out these exciting new features, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

More to come

At Front, we believe that AI is not a substitute for human-driven customer experiences, but rather a tool that can assist teams in delivering excellent customer experiences. With AI in Front, our customers can streamline their communication processes and focus on what they do best: building deeper relationships with their customers. 

The AI features we’re announcing today are just the start of our commitment to this vision, and we’re excited to share more in the coming months.

Written by Front Team

Originally Published: 23 March 2023

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