Front Legal Terms Updates - October 2022

Jason Robman

Jason Robman,

Head of Legal

3 October 20220 min read

Front’s making some updates to our terms and policies. Jason Robman, Front’s Head of Legal, explains the latest changes and what they mean for customers in this article.

As a customer-first company, Front updates our terms and policies annually, which involves results from customer feedback, evolving legal standards, and product updates.

So, what’s in a name, you ask? For this update, it means changing the name of our customer-facing agreement from “Terms of Service” to “SaaS Services Agreement” to better describe what our customers are purchasing along with changing the name of our “Privacy Policy” to our “Privacy Notice.”  Our updated SaaS Services Agreement (the “Front SSA”) and Front Privacy Notice will become effective on October 3, 2022, and your continued use of the Services after that date constitutes your consent to these changes. For easy reference, I would like to highlight some of the key updates. 

SaaS Services Agreement (SSA)

In addition to making our terms shorter and clearer, we made the following key updates to the Front SSA that can be found online here:

  • We reorganized our agreement to make it easier to read.

  • We moved all definitions into a single section at the end of the Front SSA for ease of reference.

  • We added language giving customers the right to assign the Front SSA without Front’s consent (but with notice to Front) in the event of an assignment to an affiliate or in connection with a merger or change of control provided that certain conditions are met.

  • We clarified Section 4 in terms of how our billing works and what happens when a customer decides to increase user count and make changes to a service plan.

  • We have added detail regarding our export compliance and use restrictions that comply with United States and other applicable import/export laws and regulations.

  • We added language that clarifies the time frame that a customer can export its customer data upon termination and expiration of the subscription term.

  • We added a new section, “Use of Third Party Services,” that addresses the ever-growing ability of Front to connect to other non-Front systems for a richer user experience. This new section details what happens when customers enable such integrations.

Privacy Notice

We also updated our Privacy Notice (formerly known as our “Privacy Policy”) that can be found on our website here. You’ll find information that provides more transparency around how we process personal data about your End Users that Front stores. We have also added a section, “User Research Participation,” that explains how we use the personal data of those who agree to work with us on research and usage projects.

Deprecating ’Send usage data’ User Preference

Finally, we made changes to how and what data we collect regarding how our customers use Front to improve features, functionality, and overall performance. Going forward, our default settings will be to not collect personal data of users who do not opt in to the sharing of their personal data with us for usage data purposes.  

Additionally, we are collecting data on an anonymous basis for those users who previously opted not to share usage data with us.

We hope these changes will further your understanding of how we operate and provide the Front Services to you.

Written by Jason Robman

Originally Published: 3 October 2022

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