Now available in Front: Simplify your chat support with Olark

Peter Ahn, Enterprise Lead at Front
9 August 20201 Min Read

More than 10,000 businesses including Bonobos, WordPress, and Hipmunk trust Olark to power their online live chat support. Wondering if that pair of pants will have just the right fit? Olark helps Bonobos support ninjas answer customer questions immediately — so they can keep on shopping with confidence.

Today, we’re excited to share Olark with you as the newest messaging channel available in Front. When customers message you in your Olark chat box, those transcripts are sent to Front. When you create an Olark channel, you can take advantage of Front’s powerful workflows to respond at light speed, such as using rules to assign messages automatically and saving responses for common questions. Most of all, your support team can see which customers need follow-up, along with their communication histories — and you can rest easy knowing every message is accounted for.

The best part? Your team can spend less time switching back and forth between platforms and spend more time on what’s important: helping your customers.

To get started, follow the simple steps outlined here. Chats should start flowing in immediately, so your team can focus on your customers without worrying about who else is online or which chat client they should use to respond. With Front, their Olark messages become part of their everyday.

We’re excited to partner with Olark to help you connect with your customers anytime, anywhere. If you’re not already supercharging your customer communications with Front, you can sign up for Front for free — and give us a shout about the integrations you’d like to see next.

Written by Peter Ahn
Originally Published: 15 December 2016

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