The 2020 Holiday Out of Office Email Generator

What a deserve a break. Use this email generator to create your custom 2020 vacation responder.

Emily Hackeling, Content Marketing at Front
21 December 20201 Min Read

What a deserve a break. Use this email generator to create your custom 2020 vacation responder.

If there's a year to take a break for the holidays, it's 2020! Since replying to email can make it hard to disconnect, set your vacation responder before you log off for the season.

Try our updated holiday-themed Out of Office Email Generator to help you write the perfect out of office message. And whether you're a Tiger King diehard or more of a Great British Baking Show fan, you'll get a 2020-appropriate custom auto-reply.

👉Make your 2020 Out of Office Email

Here's how we craft it:

  1. First, take your pick: you can create a mellow, professional out of office email (your CEO will approve!) or, you can make an auto-reply that's a bit goofier.

  2. Then tell us when you're leaving and coming back.

  3. Where are you headed?

  4. And last, tell us how you're feeling about your time off, in a single emoji. 😅

Front makes it easy to save vacation responders and turn them on and off. If you're not on Front (yet!) here's how to save one in Gmail or Outlook. Then just copy your message into your vacation responder, rest assured your emails will get a response, and hit that glorious "Sign out" button.

Thanks to our friends at Typeform for the great survey tool!

📧 Click here to make your out of office email

Sometimes teams need the extra nudge to are our tips for getting your team to unplug from email over the holidays.

Written by Emily Hackeling
Originally Published: 13 November 2018

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