CHAYN’s volunteer group is fighting abuse, from around the world

CHAYN is a global volunteer network addressing gender-based violence by creating survivor-led resources online. Their remote team uses Front to communicate and collaborate, reaching more than 300,000 people across the world since 2013.

CHAYN is a nonprofit organization that empowers women against abuse and oppression. Using technology to provide aid to women across the globe, they build resources on topics like getting through abuse without a lawyer, securing online privacy, and dealing with manipulation.

We spoke with CHAYN volunteer Serena Vora to learn how their team collaborates worldwide to improve the lives of women experiencing abuse.

What were your team’s biggest challenges with collaboration?

V: CHAYN is headquartered in the UK, and we have three main chapters in India, Italy, and Pakistan. We’re a team of more than 300 volunteers, working from 13 different countries. We help women worldwide, so we team up with local organizations and spend a lot of time communicating externally with partners. Since we’re not often physically together, we depend on email for coordinating internally.

We also work with external translators to ensure our resources are accessible for anyone who needs them. Our Online Privacy Guide, for instance, is available in 10 different languages. We needed a streamlined way to coordinate with people across the globe and keep multiple drafts of the same work together on the same thread.

Our team has no hierarchy. We all work and communicate together, and Front really helps in that sense.

Serena Vora, Volunteer

Tell us how you work together with Front.

V: Our team has no hierarchy. We all work and communicate together, and Front really helps in that sense. If someone’s working on an issue, we all know because we have access to one set of messages — no matter where we’re located. If you need someone’s opinion, you can just @mention them in a comment to loop them in, or tag the message to track it later. Front helps us stay on top of our emails and work efficiently.

What will you accomplish together next?

V: We have two other projects in the works, to target specific communities experiencing abuse. Soul Medicine is a multi-lingual learning platform that aims to help female migrants and refugees, and the SuperNova Project empowers members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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