Smooth sailing and streamlined client communication for Seafoam Media with Front

Seafoam Media was founded on the core value of building smart marketing solutions for clients.  

Seafoam’s clients rely on them for all things digital marketing and advertising, including website development, social media marketing and organic search engine optimization. Strong communication across internal team members and external clients is absolutely essential to support client happiness and produce stellar work.


Seafoam Media’s team collaborates to create holistic marketing plans that drive revenue for their clients.  As such, they specialize in taking complex problems and crafting custom solutions that often require many steps and lots of client collaboration. The most successful campaigns are often the result of many conversations between team members and the clients, ensuring that every message is aligned with the core goals of the project. Additionally, a myriad of assets get passed back and forth between the agency and the client, from photography to written content and graphics; all of which require layers of discussion and approval. 

Keeping track of all of these layers of communication used to fall on the account managers of the team. Their job was to make sure that internal communication and external feedback filtered its way to the right people. In some cases, this turned into multiple meetings, as technical information had to be disseminated and translated for the appropriate parties. 

This resulted in hours of back and forth communication, sometimes ending in a telephone game of misinterpretation of complex ideas. The issues with this process became even clearer when clients or teammates responded to the wrong message thread or missed a key update. Other times, clients would start responding to a specific person, looping out the account manager and creating side conversations that cost time and momentum. 

Seafoam Media needed a new solution. 


Enter Front, which immediately helped cut down on communication chaos. With its simple-to-use interface and powerful collaboration capabilities, Seafoam reduced internal noise and could quickly provide better results for their clients. 

Providing quick, thorough replies thanks to Front’s real-time collaboration capabilities

Seafoam Media specializes in creating bespoke plans to tackle their clients’ complex problems. This results in a high volume of internal and external messages that need input from multiple stakeholders.

With Front, the team can easily loop teammates into a thread to review key information and discuss internally using Front’s comments feature. Plus, they can even work together in a shared draft to effectively kill the “telephone game” and increase the accuracy of emails. This improves the velocity of Seafoam’s marketing efforts, allowing them to deliver on projects more efficiently. 

Front allowed Seafoam to improve their speed of delivery to such a degree that all messages are returned within 24 hours, no matter how complex the internal conversations. Their team can internally troubleshoot, collaborate, and draft responses together without tedious email threads. 

Streamlining agency communication with shared inboxes

Seafoam created shared inboxes for added ease for the client. Customers no longer need to try to remember who needs to be included in communication and messages are no longer siloed in personal inboxes. One shared email inbox allows Seafoam’s account manager to effectively delegate messages to an owner — with a click or through workflow automation. The snooze feature helps to ensure that follow-up emails are just as easy. 

Communication is so important to client happiness. At Seafoam, we pride ourselves on taking the time to show our work, every step of the way. Front has allowed us to do this more effectively than ever before.

Liz Oeltjen, Director of Operations

Exceeding client expectations with customer context from Front’s integrations

The number of integrations the Front platform provides is another added benefit. Front seamlessly connects with Seafoam’s project management software, making the communication between account manager and project manager very easy. 

“It’s so simple to create and attach Asana tasks to email threads, guaranteeing that we have the associated tasks ready to go the second the client requests something,” said Jared Lender, account manager. “We never have to worry about dropping the ball, because every conversation is connected.” 

This connectivity also helps the team provide historical context once the project is underway or completed. 

“It’s easy to show past conversations with the clients outlining their pain points, and then a couple weeks later we can follow up with the associated solution. It feels good to be able to draw that straight line for the clients," said Nikki Bisel, owner of Seafoam Media. “Before Front, we were good at our jobs but it wasn’t always easy. Now, with Front, my team has the ability to work smarter, not harder.” 

More time for smart marketing solutions, easier communication, happier clients. Front helped Seafoam Media create smoother sailing for their clients and employees, raising the bar and making their service provided unforgettable.

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