WizardPins performs customer service magic with Shopify and Front

WizardPins integrates Front with Shopify to manage their ecommerce store seamlessly.

Ever decorated your bag or jacket with a shiny pin of your company logo, favorite sports team mascot, or TV character? It might be a creation from WizardPins, a Shopify store that makes high-end custom pins, key chains, bottle openers, and more.

The WizardPins team takes pride in delivering unrivaled customer service. For a custom production business, this means responding to quote requests within minutes and thinking outside the box to exceed customers’ order expectations, whether they need 50 pins by next month or 5,000 keychains by next week.

Their team manages email through Front and integrates their inboxes with Shopify, allowing them to work more efficiently, respond faster, and provide unrivaled customer service.


With quick turnaround time and even faster business growth, Gmail couldn’t keep up with the WizardPins team. They had multiple company email addresses to manage. People were getting logged out and forwarding emails to keep others in the loop on orders. “Gmail was super clunky,” said Joe Vella, Head of Sales at WizardPins. “Information was siloed which impacted response time and customer experience — they felt like they were getting bombarded from many angles instead of one.”


Now their entire support team uses Front to manage customer requests. “It feels like Front was made perfectly for us. We’re thankful for Front and couldn’t work without it,” Joe said.

Front allows us to focus on what’s most pressing and relevant, which is virtually impossible with Gmail.

Joe Vella, Head of Sales

Responding 50x faster than their competitors

Custom orders take a lot of back and forth questions — quantity, artwork, coloring, sizing — and in this industry, the first to respond often wins the business.

With Front, WizardPins has significantly cut down their first response time, which gives them a competitive edge. While their competitors promise a response within 24 to 48 hours, WizardPins usually responds in 15 to 30 minutes or less because of Front.

Front also enables them to elicit the information they need in the first message using Front’s message template feature. “Now customers can submit online and be good to go in 15 minutes,” Joe said. “We can look at their artwork, assess needs right out the gate, and send back an actionable email rather than making them go back and forth with questions.”

Most of our feedback from customers is, ‘You’re super helpful, you’re the first to get back, you kept me updated the whole time!’

Joe Vella, Head of Sales

Shopify in their inboxes makes everyone more efficient

Since Front integrates with Shopify, the WizardPins team can access and update their Shopify data directly in their inboxes. The team can duplicate an invoice more quickly and get a view of the customer instantly, so they know what to expect with any situation. “With Front, we spend less time clicking around and doing mundane things, which makes us a lot more efficient as a team. ”

There’s a lot of power we get out of the Shopify integration in Front. It’s been fantastic.

Joe Vella, Head of Sales

Insights to stay ahead of the competition

With Front, the WizardPins team has insight into their communications, so they can set clear expectations with customers and make decisions to improve their processes internally. “Front’s analytics have been huge for us. They give us 100 percent certainty of how quickly people are getting the answers they need, and it allows us to constantly iterate on our processes.”

Front puts a science behind our business. We have concrete numbers that we can communicate to our clients and say ‘this is what you can expect when you work with us.’

Joe Vella, Head of Sales

Scaling to serve more customers

With Front, WizardPins isn’t missing customers as a result of not being responsive. They are able to have 30 customer updates or projects in process at once. “As long as we follow the protocols we set up — which is easy in Front — we’re not going to have anything accidentally fall through the cracks and be missed.”

The team feels less stressed and more empowered

When asked if Front has improved their team morale, Joe’s answer was, “A resounding yes. The team is less stressed and more empowered.” They were growing so quickly that managing all their messages felt overwhelming in Gmail. “Everyone was familiar with Gmail, but slugging through it. We saw the cliff we were about to fall off with growth.”

Front ❤ WizardPins

The Front + WizardPins partnership doesn’t stop there. Fronteers get to experience the magic of WizardPins firsthand with a custom pin to celebrate their anniversary of working at Front each year. Thanks, WizardPins team!

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