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Zendesk Sell

Create and update CRM records directly from your inbox for more context on messages and more accurate reports.

Zendesk Sell is the CRM built for today’s sales teams. With an intuitive, insights-driven platform, Zendesk Sell provides a single solution for the entire sales funnel: from lead management to renewal. Their mobile apps make it easy to manage pipelines on the road, and detailed reporting and analytics give sales managers the data they need.

Front brings your Zendesk Sell records to where you need them. View, create, and update Base leads, contacts, and deals directly from your inbox in our integrations panel. Update a deal’s stage from "Prospecting" to "Demo Scheduled" when you receive a confirmation from your customer. Create a new deal opportunity when a customer reaches out about expanding. Front keeps your Base records at your fingertips.
Screenshot of Zendesk SellScreenshot of Zendesk SellScreenshot of Zendesk Sell