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Use rules to sync key customer feedback scores and comments from Delighted to Front. Conversations are automatically addressed to survey respondents, making it super easy to follow up.

Delighted makes it easy for you to gather valuable customer feedback and measure the metrics that matter most to your business - including NPS, CSAT, CES, 5-star surveys, and beyond. With a single survey, customers can rate your product and comment on what they love or what they'd like to see changed.

With this integration, surfacing Delighted scores and feedback to your entire team is simple, empowering your team to quickly and easily close the loop with customers. Use rules to create a new message in Front as soon as a response rolls through your Delighted dashboard. New messages in Front are auto-tagged with the score type (ex. Delighted Satisfied for CSAT, or Delighted Promoter for NPS) to make it ease to sort and report on your closed loop messaging. The integration even adds a private note with each new message created, providing the full context of each Delighted response - including score, comment, metadata, and responses to any additional questions you might have included. No need to jump back and forth between dashboards, respond right away with all the information needed to deliver a contextually sensitive response!
Screenshot of Delighted
Screenshot of Delighted