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Help Desk Migration

Import customer service data automatically when you migrate to Front

Help Desk Migration simplifies Front data migration for companies of all sizes, industries, and verticals. We’ve got you covered if you’re importing data between help desk software or service desk systems, or if you’re migrating data between Front accounts.

By integrating Help Desk Migration with Front, you can migrate data from your current help desk platform to Front. Opt for a fully automated DIY Front migration or allow us to customize the migration process to align perfectly with your needs. It’s all about making your transition as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

The Help Desk Migration integration offers a free trial of up to 20 records, built-in customization to add a tag to imported tickets, importing the newest records first, exporting inline images, handling KB language versions, data mapping to keep the record order unaltered and intact, and more. You have the option to use Delta Migration (keep your source and target platforms synchronized), Interval Migration (pause and resume migration as needed), and Concierge Migration (let our experts plan and execute your import). All of these features come with industry-grade security including SOC2 compliance, resilient AWS infrastructure, and other measures to ensure the safety of your data during migration.

Screenshot of Help Desk MigrationScreenshot of Help Desk MigrationScreenshot of Help Desk MigrationScreenshot of Help Desk MigrationScreenshot of Help Desk Migration